Thursday, 10 March 2022

3. School Notices - Week 6, Term 1 2022


In our school community
We are like pieces of a puzzle
Each piece is special
Each piece is important
Each piece is needed
To create a beautiful picture

Birthday Greetings
Mark L and Ares W

Rippa Rugby Sessions
The children thoroughly enjoyed their extra sports curricular activities last week and finished off with rippa skills on Friday.  These will be put to use when the school houses compete in a 'house rippa' tournament at the end of the term. Our house leaders were on board to oversee the sessions and to learn how to run the competition.

Scholastic Book Club
The Scholastic Book online orders open on Monday 14th March.  Please have any orders back to school by Friday 18th March.

Walking n Wheeling Week
The children revelled in being able to cycle, scooter and skate at lunch times and they could not wait until the 1.00 pm bell to ring.  At times, there were so many children on their wheels that we had to create extra room for them.  What has stood out the most is seeing the children who did not have any wheels,  helping the younger students either by holding their hands, advising them where to bike or being there if someone fell over.  The school's special character was certainly on display by our children.

Winter Sports
Thank you to everyone who has handed in their winter sports forms.  Some teams require another 1-2 players and if you have not yet enrolled your child to play a sport, please let Mrs Brien know.  Once the teams are full, we cannot accept any more late entries.  We wish to enter the following teams in these sports:  

The season usually starts on week 2 of term 2 but these dates are yet to be confirmed. 

Basketball - we will like to enter a boys basketball team with some year 6 boys playing up in the intermediate grade. Confirmation of this team will be confirmed by an email to the families. The coach for this team is still to be confirmed.

Miniball - we will like to enter two teams in this grade. A mixed year 3/4 team and a mixed year 5/6 team. We would ideally like another player for both teams.  Coaches for both teams still to be confirmed.

Teams are:
Yr 3/4 mixed - Hunter F, Emma H, Ellie J, Emere & Taera K and Mark L 
Yr 5/6 mixed - Luke L, Hila'atu L, Molly M, Theo M, Sephrin S and Analiese W

The season starts on Friday 6th May for years 5-8 and Friday 12th May for years 1-4.  We will look at entering 2 teams this season. Coaches to be confirmed for both teams.

Yr 6/7/8 team - an email will be sent to these families to confirm numbers
Yr 2/3/4 team - an email will be sent to these families to confirm numbers

The season will start on Saturday 7th May.
Due to low numbers in the  7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 year old rugby teams, we are unable to field teams in these grades. We will be combining our numbers with the Excelsior Rugby Club and will send you further information when they have their registration days.  If you do not wish for your child to play for Excelsior, please let Mrs Brien know.

The 5/6 year old rugby team still requires another 2 players. If you wish for your child to play rugby, please let Mrs Brien know.

Awamoa, Meadowbank and Riverside Football clubs will advertise on their Facebook pages when their registrations start for the 2022 season.  The season starts on Saturday 14th May.

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