Thursday, 3 June 2021

1. Principal's News Term 2 Week 5 2021


Congratulations to the 24 children and young people who were confirmed by the Bishop in Mass last Sunday.

We also enjoyed having Bishop Michael visit all of our classes last Friday.  The children asked some very perceptive questions and were not shy to question Bishop Michael about his work.

National Young Leader's Day

All of our intermediate students traveled to Dunedin on Monday for the National Young Leaders Day where they were inspired by young adult role models and musicians.

A whakatauki from the day to share -
' Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini '
My strength is not due to me alone, but due to the strength of many.
We all have a team of people in our lives who help make us stronger, whether it's family, friends, school and parish communities, or a team or group we belong to.


Concerns around children's online safety are very real.  Children as young as 8 years old have come into strife through online choices.  It is really important that parents understand the risks to children on the Internet.  It can be unacceptably mean things said between peers that they would never dream of saying in real life and which leave scars.  Or it can be the effects of pornography which is too easily accessible, addictive and damaging to young brain development.

I was sufficiently concerned for our children to seek out this opportunity myself only to find Waitaki Boys were already onto it and now all schools in Oamaru have joined together to provide this opportunity to support parents to support children.  Please put the date in your diary and make it a priority.


There are two opportunities to find out more about how to get the most out of your child's school report.  These are at 2.30pm and 6.00pm on Monday 14th June in the school staffroom.

Teacher's Union Meeting

The teachers are attending a compulsory union meeting on Tuesday 22nd June in the afternoon.  We encourage families to pick their children up at lunchtime if possible.  Please sign them out at the office.  Note that we are open and I and the support staff will supervise any children who remain on site.

Dates to Note

Wednesday 23 June 9.15am in the hall - Celebration of Oral Language - the four finalists from each class will present their speeches.  This is not a competition but a celebration.

8th July, 11am-12.30pm - St Joseph's Children's Museum presentation - children will be presenting their work on what is important to them and/or their family history.  


A happy and excited Pukeko class returning from practice yesterday.  They are presenting mass today.

God Bless and Aroha


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