Thursday, 28 November 2019

2.Special Character Week 7 Term 4 2019

Catholic Character Focus
Last Sunday was the feast of 'Christ the King'. It is the last Sunday in Ordinary Time in the Church's year which leads us into the Advent Season. Let us remember that Christ is our King and He is King of all the world. We live in His Kingdom and we are His loyal children.

In weeks 7 to 10 we will be focussing on the approaching Advent Season with our children. At the end of week 10 we will move onto the Christmas Season and look forward to watching our Junior Nativity at the end of year Mass. Hopefully the children will develop a deeper understanding of the feasts of Advent and Christmas Season. 

Special Dates
24th Feast of Christ the King
26th 150 years of the Dunedin Diocese
30th St Andrew apostle

Bishop Patrick Moran: First Bishop of Dunedin 1869 – 1895
Patrick Joseph Moran was Born in Rathdrum, County Wicklow, Ireland in May 1823. He was ordained a priest in 1847 and served in Dublin until 1856. In 1856 he was consecrated Bishop and sent to South Africa. At 33 he was the youngest Bishop in the world at that time. In 1869 Bishop Moran was appointed the first Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Dunedin which was Otago and Southland. Bishop Moran campaigned strenuously (unsuccessful in his time) for state funded education for Catholic schools. He died in May 1895.
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Lautado Si
CARING FOR OUR COMMON HOME -  Living our lives with love.  Trees:  … provide fresh and oxygenated air for us and consume and bury CO2 in the soil, however they also provide protection, shadow, food, homes, medicines. Trees attract clouds which ultimately bring rain to the earth. They also help in checking soil erosion and keep environments fresh by preventing pollution. They are the home of wild animals and source of wild life in forests. Trees are very helpful friends of humanity - they reduce stress and have positive effects on the human immune system. They clean soil by filtering sewage and chemicals, control noise and air pollution, reduce flash flooding, etc. By appreciating the importance and value of trees in our lives, we understand the need to save and plant them in order to protect all Creation. 

DID YOU KNOW: Scientists tell us that the world needs to plant 12 trees per person, per year, for the next 10-12 years. 
Spiritual Reading
'Christian perfection consists in three things: praying heroically, working heroically, and suffering heroically.'

Thank you very much
Malo 'Aupito
God Bless
Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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