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3. School Notices - Week 10, Term 1 2019


Altar Servers
Saturday 13th April - Annalise Kilgour, Luse & Sami Asi, Lachlan Criddle and David Kilgour
Sunday 14th April - Serah Staju, Hana Davies, Indeg and Nye Jones-Hogan
Holy Thursday - 18th April - St Kevin's students
Good Friday - 19th April - Annalise and David Kilgour
Holy Saturday Vigil - 20th April - Paddy Spillane, Madison & Cooper Jones
Easter Sunday - 21st April - Ivy-Belle & Molly-May Mestrom and Alexie Phillips
Saturday 27th April - Mariah Cunningham, Annalise & David Kilgour and Jayla Strong
Sunday 28th April - Lilly Kelcher, Alexie Phillips, Henry Robinson and Libby Seddon

Birthday Greetings to
Molly-May Mestrom, Hana & Zara Davies, Sandrene Mordeno, Tiffany Chen, Daniel Woodhouse, Yi Qun Zong, Molly McGeown, Millie Fogarty, Cooper van Rooy, Luke Laming

Giant Leaps Speech and Drama
Enrol now for term 2 classes here at St Joseph's school.  Go to

Home and School
Parish Freezer - Years 6 and 7 - we would be very grateful if the families could kindly donate baking or cooked meal items during term 2 for the Parish Freezer.  The items can be baking or a main meal e.g. soups, casseroles, lasagna, muffins, biscuits etc.  A notice will come out next term.

Pies and Milo - Every Wednesday starting May 1st, you can bring a pie for lunch wrapped in tin foil with your name clearly marked.  If you want a hot Milo drink with your lunch, bring your own named cup and 50 cents.  Please take the pies and cups to the hall kitchen first thing in the morning when you come to school. At lunch time, go to the hall and collect your pie and milo.

Mufti Day
We are holding a mufti day tomorrow to help raise funds for Caritas.  Please bring a gold coin donation for this cause.

Otago Primary School Swimming Sports
Congratulations to our 5 swimmers who competed at these swimming sports last Saturday. A lot of schools from around the Otago region compete at this competition and our children achieved some really good results in their age groups.
- Levi Heffernan - 1st in 50 freestyle and backstroke and 2nd in 50 breaststroke and also broke the Otago Primary school records for 50 free and 50 back.  Well done Levi.
- Neight Fraser - 1st in 50 breaststroke and 2nd in 50 freestyle
- Elias Fraser - 3rd in his 50 freestyle
-  Eva Fatafehi and Stirling Heffernan who are both 8 years old competed in the U9 age group and swam very well for their first swim competition.

Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop will be open on Monday 29th April at 8.30 am for winter uniform and sports socks.

Winter Uniform
The winter uniform is to be worn next term without ties.  Ties are NOT to be worn on a day to day option but are to be kept for formal school occasions. The skorts are now available at The Warehouse and the arrival of the thicker polar fleece jersey will be notified when they arrive.

Winter Sports
  • All sports fees have to be paid or a payment plan in place before Saturday 11th May as some parents have opted to wait until sport teams were named before making payments. If you have any difficulty with the fees this year, please contact the principal.
  • Sports Uniforms will be handed out once fees have been paid or a payment plan in place.  
  • The uniforms will be handed out in week 1 of term 2 as well as gear bags for coaches. 
  • Netball players have received their uniforms this week because they play this Saturday.  Netball coaches for Yr 5-8 will get their gear bags tomorrow and the Yr 3/4 team in week 1 of term 2.
  • This week all coaches will be given their contact details of their teams and will be in touch with their teams directly. Each sports team will have their contact details emailed to them as well.
  • Fees - some sport associations have increased their fees in which we have to increase our fees e.g. basketball and netball.
  • Sports team lists as of today are on another page in the blog.
Fees for 2019 Winter Sports 
All fees include the $5.00 uniform hire and need to be paid before the start of winter sport commences in term 2.  Uniforms will not be given out unless some payment plan has been put in place and payments have started.

This year some codes are being charged per player and not per team so our school will be invoiced for each player.  Please note if you pull out of a team once the competition starts either due to injury or not wanting to play, you will still be charged for the sports fee. 

Please reference your payment sport fees or your sport code if only playing one sport.  This can be paid to St Joseph's School Board of Trustees, account number 03-0937-0169542-00 and the reference is your name and sport

Basketball - $67.00 per player, an increase of $7.00.  This is because referees are now being paid which saves parents and coaches having to referee.

Football - $40 per player for midget grade, no increase.

Hockey - no uniform hire is included in these fees as our players have joined with other schools. The Funsticks fee for Yrs 1 & 2 is $25.00 per player which includes turf fees. The other grades will be invoiced by the school the children are playing for.

Miniball - $57.00 per player, an increase of $7.00.  This is because referees are now being paid which saves parents and coaches having to referee.

Netball - $47.00 per player for Yrs 3-8, an increase of $2.00
             -  $25.00 per player for Yr 1-2, an increase of $5.00. The netball association charge $20 per 
                 player for this grade.

Rugby - $25 per player, no increase

Score bench - a roster system will be set up for all players in each team to do score bench duties.  This will come out in week 1 of term 2.  You will be required to do at least 1-2 duties each.  Due to the referees being paid this year, no teams will have to referee. 
The boys basketball team combinations may change when they have had their practices as one team has extra players than the other.

The Midget programme will be running on Friday afternoons from 4.00 to 4.45 pm at the North Otago Showgrounds.  The First Kicks programme will start on Friday 10th May. It is largely based around the same format as last year.  A fun rotation based learning environment with lots of opportunity with the ball.  Every so many weeks, there will be a game day. Players will need their club uniforms, shin pads and a drink bottle.

Yr 1/2 Fun sticks grade - you need to bring sport shoes and water as everything else is supplied.  Please meet at the hockey pavilion at 3.45 on Wednesday 8th May.

Mouthguards are compulsory for all teams and rugby socks can be purchased from our Uniform Shop for $15 each. Our new rugby jerseys have arrived and they will be distributed out next term.

Shorts - please wear your school pe shorts as part of your rugby uniform.  We are looking at another pair of rugby shorts as another option to save the PE ones

Coaches - please register on the rugby sport website as a coach by clicking on this link for St Joseph's rugby coaches
St Joseph's School (Oamaru)

Players registration link - I will send the rugby registration link out tomorrow for players to register.

There was a JAB meeting last night and this information has come from it.
5 year and 6 year old rugby teams will combine this year and your practices will be on Friday afternoons from 3.15 to 3.45 pm.  Coaches please liaise with each other to see what you would like to do.
7/8 team - have enough players in their team
9/10 and 11/12 teams - in these grade all clubs are really tight on numbers and most are playing with the bare minimum of players. At this stage these teams are not combining with other clubs and will play with their numbers.  We are looking for more players in these two age groups.

Pompallier Trophy
The annual Pompallier Trophy will be held on Sunday 19th May in Ashburton.  This is a 10 aside tournament played against Catholic Clubs from Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru  and Oamaru and involves rugby games, sprint races and a tug of war competition.  The grades are Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13.  Can all players confirm with your coach if you are available to attend on this day.  Lunch is supplied and there is no cost involved apart from petrol costs as we car pool.

Small Blacks Coaching Course - there are 2 courses for this. If you are coaching a team this year, please ensure you have been to one of these courses.  The first course is Wednesday 17th April at the top pub in Kurow at 7.00 pm.  The second is Sunday 28th April at Excelsior at 10.00 am.  This should run for 1- 1/2 hours.

Girls Grade - any girls wanting to play but not keen to play in a mixed grade, this is for them.  It is for years 7/8 and above.  Looking at possibly a Friday afternoon for this.  Contact Mrs Brien if interested.

Holiday Programme - There is an upskills programme on Wednesday 17th April and Wednesday 24th April for age groups 9/10 and 11/12.  Start time is 10.00 am and finish at lunch time.  Please contact North Otago Rugby Union if you are interested in going.

Small Ferns to Black Ferns Holiday Camps being held in Monday 15th April at St Kevin's College.  Junior/primary girls register 8.30 to 9.00 and the camp is from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.


Netball - Saturday 13th May
Netball starts for Yrs 5-8 this weekend and Yrs 1-4 start on Saturday 4th May.

Intermediate Prem
11.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v Valley Steel – Pearsons court

Intermediate 2
10.00 am - St Joseph's Rebels v Kurow Blue – court 1

Future Ferns Yr 5/6
11.00 am - St Joseph's Ferns v Fenwick Magic – court 2

9.00 am – Summer Moriarty and Jada-Rose Keno, Mya Lindsay
11.00 am – Serah Staju and Alexie Phillips, Mariah Cunningham and Hannah Fowler
Community Notices
  • Millers Flat Trail Ride - fundraiser for the Millers Flat School on Sunday 14th April.  For enquiries phone Rob McQueen on 021 64559 or Kaye McCurdy on 027 913 2537.
  • NZ Authors visit Oamaru Library - as part of the Storylines National Festival Tour.  Mandy Hager, Suzanne Main, Toby Morris and Jenny Cooper will share their ideas on how we can encourage children  to be more engaged readers.  Held at the Oamaru Library on Wednesday 15th May from 6.00 to 7.00 pm.
  • St Francis Xavier School 100th Centenary - held Labour Weekend 25th - 26th October.  Calling all past and present pupils, families and teachers - come and celebrate 100 years of our fantastic school community.  Find us on Facebook St Francis Xavier School Centenary Labour Weekend or email or phone the school office on 03 453 4446.

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