Thursday, 29 March 2018

2. Special Character Week 9 - Term 1 2018

Stations of the Cross Tomorrow March 29 @2.15 pm (led by Yr 8 students)

All parents are invited to join us. 

Faith Facts this Week:-

Palm Sunday

Palms for Palm Sunday. We know the story of palms being laid on the ground as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The beginning of the Holy Week journey to Easter. But what were these palms. They most likely were date palm fronds or leaves. Putting these leaves on the ground was an ancient way of honouring a person. 
In Europe there was a similar custom with any kind of leaf or branch. Here down south we do not grow palms so we use a conifer branch. In England in olden times a gentleman may lay his coat on the ground before an important woman so shoes would not get dirty. A way of showing much respect. The Palm leaves resemble this sentiment.

If Jesus had been in New Zealand we would have used flax or any other leafy tree branch to lay before him to honour is him.

The Good Friday collection for the holy places is taken up in every Catholic parish in New Zealand.  The practice originated in 1887 when Pope Leo XIII directed that a Good Friday collection be taken up in every parish church throughout the world for the support of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.  The Franciscans have been entrusted with the maintenance of sacred sites in the Holy Land since 1217. Find out more about the Collection for the Holy Places by clicking on the link above.

Wishing all a safe and Happy Easter.
God Bless
Nicola Winders

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