Thursday, 29 March 2018

1. Principal's News Term 1 Week 9 2018

Holy Week
Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter where we relive Jesus's journey as he travels into Jersusalem.  First he is welcomed as the King.  Then as the week goes on the elders conspire against him eventually leading to His crucifixion on Good Friday.

The world's saddest day, Good Friday was three days before the world's gladdest day, Easter.  Easter was when Jesus rose from the dead, overcoming death and sin and providing us with a pathway to redemption and heaven.

Last Thursday the juniors enacted Palm Sunday:

On Tuesday we started the week with whole school prayers and a re-enactment of Jesus washing his disciples' feet:

On Wednesday the school met at 11am to enact the Last Supper and later today (Thursday)  the year 8s will lead us in stations of the cross outside.  This is the journey Jesus took to Gethsemane.

When it gets to the high point, the part we've waited for - Easter - we have all separated and are in our family groups and that bit we initially celebrate within our families and parish community.  The Easter vigil is in St Patrick's at 8am and the Sunday morning Easter mass is 9.30am.

Easter Chicks in Year 4/5
Thank you to the Geypen family who provided year 4/5 with incubators and eggs.  Our Easter chicks were born last night.

Sports Teams Selectors
Thank you to Renee Webster, Jack Souness and Mark Xie who put in their time to trial and select our netball and basketball teams for this year.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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