Thursday, 15 March 2018

1. Principal's News Term 1, Week 7, 2017

To Tracy Plieger who has worked with us as a teacher aide for the past five years.  Tracy has secured a position at Waitaki Girls High School and we wish her the best of luck.

Well Done to Our Swimmers
Well done to our 27 swimmers who showed respect and resilience at the pool today for the North Otago swimming sports.  You were well behaved and did your best.  We don't have confirmed results yet and will print these in next week's newsletter.

Powhiri - Next Monday 11.15am
Parents and parishioners - we are having a powhiri welcome for ERO next Monday at 11.15am (approximately).  You are most welcome to come.  Seating for you will be available where the year 8s normally sit.

What our Year 8s think
Next week are are being visited by ERO (Education Review Office).  We are looking forward to sharing the many wonderful aspects of our school.  This week I asked the year 8s to prepare a presentation for ERO.  I gave them very broad outlines - they could talk about our special character, parish, cultures, sport, service and other aspects.  Here is what some of them wrote about our parish and special character.  I was really touched by what they wrote as it was unprompted, came from the heart and showed great depth of wisdom.   Here's what they wrote.

I believe that our school has many pure hearted people, and our school means the 4 r’s (respect, reverence, resilience and good relationships) the 4 r’s is what this school is built upon and just like God said, ”The church is the people.”

I believe that school means something deeper than love and friendships.  I believe that it has a voice in our world and that it's the match that begins the fire.

St Patrick’s parish and St Joseph’s School is a stable community here in Oamaru, its people and the priest Father Wayne have such a beautiful and entrusted relationship,

The parish to me is like the rock that God built his church upon.  The parish is in our school it's like a spirit that roams around and enlightens this place.

Everyone in the parish welcomes everyone and it makes me proud to be a part of St Joseph's  and I feel happy to take part and lead a part in this school.

We can use the parish for inspiration and also a way to lead us to Christ.  The parish and church is a blessing for me in the way that they help our school and the mass is what we build out from - it is the key symbol for our school.

I think of the parish as a homely place.  When I go there I feel the spiritual presence of God and His only Son Jesus.  I think of the parish / church as the entrance to God’s kingdom.

As a school, God is very important to us so being respectful is important.  We also have special character leaders to help explain God’s words to the kids.

This is a key part of our school.  It helps everyone to stick together and do teamwork as a school following in God’s footsteps.

As a Catholic school special character is very important to get closer to God.

Our special character involves God and our religion but not only that - our community too.

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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