Friday, 1 September 2017

2. Special Character Week 6

Faith Facts this week:- 

It is Father’s Day this coming Sunday. Joseph, Jesus’ foster father has a special place in the heart of Pope Francis. We can all learn more from Pope Francis’ message to fathers.

28th St Augustine
29th Passion of John the Baptist
3rd Father’s Day

Lord, please take care of our dads.
Though they are brave and protective,
they must also be frightened sometimes.
When money runs low and when we need things,
Lord, when their hearts break because they can't do it all;
Please help us to let them know how much we love them.
And how much You love them.

Fathers everywhere,
We honour you and wish to say
May God's blessings be with you
May God's blessings be with you
In a special way today!

God, bless all the fathers in the world.

Guide them to be good role models
and loving to all their children.
Help them to be a father like You are.
Give them grace and patience
to handle situations in a loving way.

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