Friday, 19 May 2017

4. Winter Sports Draw - Week 3, Term 2 2017

Netball - Saturday 20th May
·         St Joseph’s is on duty this Saturday.  Coaches please arrange for 2 parents to be in the office during your allocated time.
8.30 am – set up – St Joseph’s Ferns (Mrs Fowler to oversee)
9.00 am – office – Mrs Paula Brien
10.00 am – office – St Joseph’s Maroon
11.00 am – office – St Joseph’s Rebels

·         Rep Trials for Yr 7 and Yr 8 – please let Mrs Paula Brien know if you are interested in trialling this year so she can forward your names to North Otago Netball.

Intermediate Prem
11.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v Kurow Blue – Pearsons Court

Intermediate Sec 2
10.00 am - St Joseph's Rebels v Athletic Mini Zinc – Sports & Outdoors court

Year 5 Small Hoops
9.00 am - St Joseph's Ferns v Fenwick Suns – LJ Hooker court

Year 3/4
11.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Athletic Mini Steel – Unichem court

Yr 1/2
Games and Skills start at 10.00 am

9.00 am – Indy Cunningham & Athena Toeke, Hannah Miller and Anika Winders
Rugby - Saturday 20th May
First team named provides the referee unless one is named.  WCS stands for Whitestone Contracting Stadium. 
·         JAB rugby is looking for another person to help Justin Fowler in the Town v Country 11/12 years grade
·         St Joseph’s is on duty this Saturday – SEE DUTY CLUB JOBS LIST AT END OF SPORTS DRAW
 5 yrs 
10.00 am – Valley Blue v St Joseph’s – Weston

6 yrs
11.00 am - St Joseph’s v Kurow – 9A

7/8 yrs
11.00 am – St Joseph’s v Kurow – SKC 3 amended 19/5/17

9/10 yrs
10.00 am – Union v St Joseph’s – Ngapara

11/12 yrs
11.00 am – St Joseph’s v Valley– SKC 2 amended 19/5/17
Football - Saturday 20th May
9.30 am - St Joseph's All Whites v Awamoa Storm – Awamoa Park

10.30 am - St Joseph's Beanotown United v Riverside Hammers – Showgrouonds I2
Hockey – Tuesday 23rd May
·         The turf is numbered from the pavilion end.  T1 Pavillion end.  T4 Scoreboard end.

Kwicksticks – Yr 7/8
Turbo Sticks (St Joseph’s combined team) has the bye

Hockey – Wednesday 24th May
MiniSticks  - Yr 3/4
4.30 pm – T1 – Magic Sticks (St Joseph’s combined team) v Pembroke

KiwiSticks – Yr 5/6
5.00 pm – T1 – Speedy Sticks (St Joseph’s combined team) v Glenavy Blue Sticks
Miniball - Tuesday 23rd May
5.15 pm - St Joseph's Thunder v Pembroke Rockets - front court
5.15 pm - St Joseph's Rebels v Fenwick Wild Cats - back court
St Joseph's Breakers has the bye

Referee and Score bench
4.45 pm - St Joseph's Thunder - referee - front court
5.45 pm - St Joseph's Rebels - referee - back court
Basketball - Wednesday 24th May
4.00 pm - St Joseph's Cavaliers v Waitaki Warriors - front court
St Joseph's Raptors and the Bolts have the bye

Referee and Score bench
no teams
·         Friday pick up keys and cones from NORFU office
·         There are keys for all clubs storage rooms on the key ring
·         Gear for WCS 1 is under main grandstand
·         Gear for WCS 2/3 are in the Excelsior changing rooms
·         Gear for WCS 5/6 are in the  Athletic Marist rooms around the back of their clubrooms
·         Set all fields up and take all fields down that are to be used Saturday including rippa fields
·         Small post protectors are just inside the grandstand door for rippa fields
·         Can cones also be put on the try line corners on WCS 7 and WCS 8
·         If there is senior rugby to be played on any of the big fields, then these fields can stay set up
·         Only corner flags need to be put up on 9/10s and 11/12s fields
·         Open toilets across from hockey turf and lock when JAB finished

·         If there is games on WCS 1 then toilets at each end of the stadium also need to be opened

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