Thursday, 23 February 2017

2. Special Character - Week 5 Term 1 2017

Faith Fact this week:- February 22nd
Chair of St Peter

Image result for Chair of St Peter Pope Francis“Celebrating the "Chair" of Peter, therefore, as we are doing today, means attributing a strong spiritual significance to it and recognising it as a privileged sign of the love of God, the eternal Good Shepherd, who wanted to gather the whole Church and lead her on the path of salvation.”This feast is a bit like last weeks. Remember The very word "cathedral" in Latin or Greek, means "chair." This feast celebrates the mission of teacher and pastor given by Christ to Peter, and continued in an unbroken line down to the present Pope, of course now Pope Francis. The physical Chair of St Peter is at St Peter’s at the Vatican. We celebrate the unity of the Church, founded upon the Apostle Peter. So it celebrates church unity and the leadership and guidance of the Pope passed down from St Peter.
Next week we celebrate the beginning of Lent with a Mass next week for Ash Wednesday March 1 at 9.15 am. Parents are most welcome to join us. This Mass will be instead of the the school Mass on Thursday morning.
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