Thursday 9 February 2017

1. Principal's News - Week 2, Term 1 2017

Principal's News Week 2, Term 1 2017

Year 8 Leadership Camp
We have resurrected one of our old traditions of having a year 8 leadership camp at the start of the year.  One of the activities the year 8s have done is look at the qualities and skills of leaders and assessed their own skills against the skills they will need to make their leadership roles stand out.  They have been learning how to be effective peer mediators and help themselves and other children solve conflict as well as taking part in team building and problem-solving activities.  Its only been a couple of months but these young people have made great strides ahead in maturity since they were last at Iona for the year 7 camp at the end of 2016.  I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to stride ahead. You can view the photos of the camp by going to this link.  Yr 8 Leadership Camp at IONA

Today they are completing the kayaking and sailing they missed due to weather on their year 7 camp.

Family Learning Hui - Meet the Teacher
We are having our first Family Learning Hui of the year next Wednesday 15th February between 6.30 pm and 8.00 pm.  This one's really aimed at parents but children are welcome to come.

It is really important to attend this.  We want to work with you as partners in learning and talk about how you can support your children through home learning.  We will talk all together at first briefly and then split up and go to your children's teacher's rooms.  This will give your child's teachers the chance to explain the expectations in their hubs and what the children will need to be doing for home learning.  As some of you have up to four children, the teachers will run the same information session four times to give you the chance to get through all of the hubs and see all of your children's teachers.  For the year 1-6s who are working in hubs, the children will be taught by both teachers and so this will give you an opportunity to meet them both.

Junior Hub 1 - Mrs Brookes and Mrs Misiloi
Junior Hub 2 - Miss Gray and Mrs Asi
Middle Hub - Miss Mulholland and Miss Day
Senior Hub - Mrs Winders and Miss Lind
Year 7 - Mrs Jones-Hogan
Year 8 - Miss Tangney

Outline - Wednesday 15th February
In the hall:
6.30 pm - How you can use home learning to reinforce school learning - Mrs Frances-Rees
6.40  pm - Bringing balance into home learning - Mrs Winders

In the hubs/classrooms:
6.50 pm - Session 1
7.10 pm - Session 2
7.30 pm - Session 3
7.50 pm - Session 4

Goal setting interviews
These are the following Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd February.  Please see the notice in the news section about how to make a booking.  All families are expected to attend a goal setting interview.

Parent Sports Liaisons
Thank you to all the parents who have offered their help.  Since the last news blog we have Katrina Miller to help with Miniball, Rachel Fowler to help with basketball and Jo Cant to help with hockey.  We're still looking for someone to do football (soccer).

I look forward to seeing you at our "Family Learning Hui" - Meet the Teacher next week.

God Bless,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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