Thursday, 9 February 2017

2. Special Character - Term 1 Week 2

I would like to thank parents I have met so far for your hospitality in welcoming me to St Joseph's. I will be taking over the role from Mrs Ann Dooley as Co- Director of Religious Education and am looking forward to being in this privileged role in supporting the Special Character of the school.
This week in our classrooms we have been learning about the Dominican Charism of our school and the wonderful legacy left by the Dominican Sisters in enriching our children with values and in following Jesus' teachings.
Tomorrow we will be joining St Kevin's to celebrate a Commissioning Mass in welcoming new staff and a blessing for the coming year.

Each week I will be including Faith Facts that cover a variety of topics that help give understanding of our Church and faith

Faith Fact -  Waitangi Feb 6
Bishop Pompallier was born in Lyons, France, in 1801. He was consecrated Bishop with responsibility for Western Oceania (including New Zealand) in 1836.
He was at Waitangi when the Treaty was signed on 6 February 1840, and asked Lieutenant-Governor Hobson for his promise to protect the Catholic faith. This pledge is sometimes referred to as the unwritten "fourth article" of the Treaty, and is said to protect and recognise not only major western religions, but also Māori custom.

A fourth article was added to the Maori text of the Treaty signed at Waitangi, as requested by Bishop Pompallier. In Maori the fourth article said: "E mea ana te Kawana ko nga whakapono katoa o Ingarani, o nga Weteriana, o Roma, me te ritenga Maori hoki e tiakina ngatahitia e ia", which means "The Governor says that the several faiths (beliefs) of England, of the Wesleyans, of Rome and also of Maori custom shall alike be protected by him". This article guaranteed religious freedom for all in the new nation, including Maori.

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