Thursday 20 August 2015

2. Special Character - Week 5 Term 3 2015

What a wonderful celebration we shared on Sunday 16th August 2015.

Twenty five children received the Most Holy Eucharist for the first time. We have many people to thank for making this day a 'Day To Remember'. We need to thank Father Wayne for making this day special for us all. We also need to thank Mr & Mrs Wylie who supported our parents and Mrs Marsh for organising Prayer Partners for us. We thank our Prayer Partners for praying for us on our Journey of Faith. We also need to say a very big THANK YOU to our parents who are always supporting us on our Faith Journey and helping us look so good!!!
Father Wayne is explaining the meaning the Gospel
to our young Communicants.

The children shared a dance to the song 'Colour My World',
one of Father Wayne's favourite songs.

Mrs Roseanne Sheridan made us another one of her lovely cakes
to celebrate our First Holy Communion. THANK YOU Mrs Sheridan.

A special treat for some very special children.

All dressed up for a very special occasion.
A Day To Remember.

Smiling faces everywhere.

A wonderful occasion bringing 
our Catholic Community together. 

SJW game image and logo.

Week 9 is Caritas Social Justice Week. The focus this year is 'Family Ups and Downs'. We will also be looking at how our 'Catholic Social Teaching Principles' help us become the people Jesus wants us to be. Last week I shared the Catholic Teaching Principal of 'Human Dignity'. This week we will look at the principle of the 'Common Good'. This principle means seeking what is best for the group and for the individual. Upholding the common good in family life sometimes means that family members make sacrifices in order that the whole family might gain something. At other times the needs of one individual take precedence over everything else. For example, sometimes a family member may require special care or attention and children learn that caring for this person ultimately makes the whole family unit stronger.

Common Good banner 2014

God Bless and Take Care.
Ann Dooley

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  1. Such an exciting day for all. Thanks again to the organisers. Great photos! Rose