Wednesday 5 August 2015

2. Special Character Week 3, Term 3 2015

                                Catholic Special Character Focus

Today (Wednesday 5th August) we shared a lovely morning tea with many of our Prayer Partners. Thank you to all my wonderful parents who provided this yummy morning tea.
Here are some of the photos I took to share with you all.
Annalise thanked Mrs Marsh for organising Prayer Partners for all the children.
Her speech came from the heart and was so sincere. You are such a beautiful role model to us all, Annalise, and a credit to your family.

Jonathan and Arthur having a wee chat to Arthurs' Prayer Partner, Mr Brady. Mr & Mrs Brady will be having lunch with the Cartlidge's at the weekend.

Bridie having a catch up with her Prayer Partners, Mr and Mrs McFelin.

Cassidy, Niamh and Adriana being the perfect hosts.

Levi is lucky having both Mr and Mrs Burke for his
Prayer Partners.

Molly has just been baptised two weeks ago and is now preparing to receive the Holy Eucharist.
Her Prayer Partner is Sister Madeleine.

Niamh and Jada Rose are keeping Mrs Roundhill company until her Prayer Partner, Fritz, arrives.

Mrs Marsh is sharing a prayer with the group and thanking our Prayer Partners for supporting us on our Journey of Faith.

Liam and Morgan having a chat with Sister Madeleine.

Year 4 children have begun preparing to receive the Holy Eucharist on Sunday 16th August. 

A note was sent home with the children asking for help to set up the hall and/or morning tea on Sunday 16th August. If you are able to help please return asap. Thank you.

Ann Dooley

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