Thursday, 30 April 2015

5. ANZAC Poems - Yr 6

As part of their learning about World War 1, the Yr 6 class had a 'Trench' experience last Thursday.   They stayed in their 'Trenches' for an hour with only a piece of paper to write a letter home and an ANZAC biscuit for food.  They had sound effects of exploding bombs and guns firing.  Here are a few of their poems they wrote.


                                                                                     Faith, trust and bravery
Image result for poppiesMy dad had all of these
He left a year ago today
I haven't seen him since
His voice still echoes in my mind
Like a lost soul roaming and haunting the streets
        Now he lies in a field where poppies symbolise death
    And dance in the breeze
                                  And where crosses are used as markers
                                Where my loved one now lies
                                                                                                                Cushla Bridges

Poppies dancing as I'm under the ground 
My sister crying cause I'm not around 
My Mum's hugging her really tight 
As they both gaze into the night 
The wind is like a wolfs call 
To the soldiers one and all 
                                                                         Zeth Rollan

 Now days at Flanders Field
Blood red poppies dance in the peaceful wind 
As if they were guardians protecting the crosses
Poppy by poppy they stand straight and tall 
Just like soldiers once did
The air smells of springtime
Like walking into a waterfall of poppies
                                                                                   Peta Katoa

In Flanders Fields our soldiers die,
Poppies grew from where they lie
We have crosses for the ones we love.
With a sign, sent a dove
The Nurses helped when soldiers were in pain
It was muddy when it rained
We will not regret the ones who fought
We will keep them in thought
                                            Corbin Fraser
The cold wraps around my body         
Bombs fly overhead
Rifles fire from miles around
Lifeless bodies lie in the dirt 
Their souls head up to heaven
                                                                            William Moore



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