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5. Amended Winter Sport Team Lists

Some of the winter sports team lists have been amended and the changes have been highlighted.  Please note practice times and extra people to teams.

Starting Dates
Basketball - Wednesday 6th May at the Waitaki Recreation Centre
Football - Saturday 2nd May - various
Hockey - Tuesday 28th April for Yr 7/8 at the North Otago Hockey Turf
              - Wednesday 29th  April for Yrs 1-6 at the North Otago Hockey Turf
Miniball - Tuesday 5th May at the Waitaki Recreation Centre
Netball - Saturday 2nd May at the Taward Street netball courts
Rugby - Saturday 9th May - various

Uniform Hire
There will be a $5.00 uniform hire for all sporting codes and this has to be paid before you play.  The sports fees will be charged to your account and have to be paid before the end of week 1 in term 2.  The uniforms will be handed out in week 2.
St Joseph's Thunder                  St Joseph's Warriors                   St Joseph's Saints
Duran Cooper                               Halalova Asi                                   Antonia Black
Timothy Jorgensen                       Lachlan Brookes                            Siva Katoa
Toby Lewis                                   Jack Cameron                                 Kaliopeta Katoa
Cameron Mather                          Jacob Fowler                                   Laura Mather
Michael Misiloi                              Corbin Fraser                                  Tess McAtamney
Taine Stewart-Cooper                  Noah Jenkinson                               Elizabeth Plieger
Sebastian Whiston                        Sam Keno                                       Tegan Souness
                                                      Seth Sinclair
Coach:  Mel Lewis                       Coach:  Claire Cameron                 Coach:  Claudine Black
Practices:  Monday 7.00 pm       Practices:  Monday 7.00 pm           Practices:  Monday 7.00 pm
at SKC gym                                  at SKC gym                                     at SKC gym
Midget Grade                              Junior Grade                                   Intermediate Grade
Aces                                             White Knights                                 United
Lincoln Davison                            Arthur Cartlidge                                Aarran Aitcheson
Lars Finn                                       Lewis Gough                                   Christian Baillie
Hunter Gough                               Limuel Gutierez                               Samuel Bridges
James Jackson                              Lisiate Hausia                                 Duran Cooper
Lilly Kelcher                                  Jack Hayman                                   Ben Cullimore
Ella Murphy                                   Jonathan Jorgensen                        Nina Dickie
                                                      Daniel Jorgensen                             Zach Dickie
                                                      Paolo Mordeno                                Shem Guterriez
                                                      Samuel Plieger                                Timothy Jorgensen
                                                      Aryan Singh                                      Isaac Kelcher
                                                      Riley Tuffley                                     Joel Kunnethedan
                                                                                                               Maria Wallace
                                                                                                               Jordan Woodhouse
Coach:  David Jackson               Coach:  Paul Cartlidge                      Coach:  Jeremy Bridges
Practice:  TBC                            Practice:  Friday 3.00 pm                  Practice:  Thursday 3.00 pm
                                                     at St Joseph's                                     at St Joseph's 
Fun Sticks                                  Ministicks                                          Kwik Sticks
Holly Cartlidge                             Mia Cant                                              Maddison Bleach
Jada Cooney                               Samuel McNaught                               Kaleb Cant
Johnny Cooney                                                                                       Trish Chikowore
Kacymea Tahitu'a                        Will combine with                                Nina Dickie
                                                     other players to                                   Zach Dickie
Will combine with                         make a team                                       Emily Hayman
other players to make                                                                              Harriet Heaphy
a team                                                                                                     Courtney Kershaw
                                                                                                                Tess McAtamney
                                                                                                                 Rhea Ratgali
                                                                                                                 Niveek Wilson
                                                                                                                 Fenella Ballantyne
                                                                                                                 Thomas Ballantyne
                                                                                                                  Zane Weir
Coach:                                          Coach:                                               Coach:  Jo Cant 
Practice:                                       Practice:                                            Practice:
Bullets                                           Apollos
Bronson Bartlett                             Nevaeh Aitcheson
Liam Cameron                               Elenoa Asi
Campbell Fowler                            Niamh Jackson
Jack Hayman                                 Grace Keno
Baxter Lewis                                  Jada-Rose Keno
Cody Marshall                                Isabella McNaught
                                                       Aria Owen-O'Connell
                                                       Tessa Souness
                                                       Kristiana Whiston

Coach:  Tracey Marshall                Coach:  Tina Souness
Practice:  Monday after                  Practice:  Lunchtimes

St Joseph's Gold                           St Joseph's Rebels                           St Joseph's Steel
Maddison Bleach                             Antonia Black                                     Tyla Bolitho
Trish Chikowore                               Yneke Edzes                                      Cushla Bridges
Mekeisha Hurley                              Emily Hayman                                    Jordan Clarke
Abigail Jenkinson                             Harriet Heaphy                                   Mackenzie Cunningham
Siva Katoa                                        Isabella Hanning                                Jessika Jenkinson
Laura Mather                                    Kaliopeta Katoa                                  Ellie Jorgensen
Tannah Rintoul                                 Ruby Macaulay                                  Stefanie Lavrijsen
Niveek Wilson                                   Megan Small                                      Rhea Ratgali
                                                          Tegan Souness                                   Molly Whittaker
                                                                                                                      Nisha Wilson

Coaches:  Katrina Crowder &        Coaches:  Morgan Tangney &          Coach:  Amina Bridges
                 Kate Finn                                         Paula Brien
Practice:  Thursday at 3.15 pm       Practice:  Thursday at 3.30 pm        Practice: Thursday at 3.15
at the Taward St netball                   at the Taward St netball                    pm at the Taward St netball
courts                                               courts                                                 courts
St Joseph's Blue                            St Joseph's Maroon                        Yr 3
Elenoa Asi                                       Nevaeh Aitcheson                             Mariah Cunningham
Indya Cunningham                          Niamh Jackson                                  Eden Davison
Mia Davison                                    Jada-Rose Keno                                Hannah Fowler
Eleni Hausia                                    Annalise Kilgour                                Bella Moriarty
Grace Keno                                     Molly-May Mestrom                          Jayla Strong
Sylvia Lavrijsen                               Summer Moriarty                              Atlanta Williams-McDowell
Isabella McNaught                          Cassidy Rawson                                 Alexi Phillips
Tessa Souness                               Jordyn Shaw
                                                        Adriana Wylie-Taukolo

Coaches:  Ange Asi &                   Coach:  Atayla Aitcheson   
                 Jayne McNaught
Practice:  Thursday at 3.15 pm      Practice:  Thursday at 3.15 pm
at the Taward St netball                  at the Taward St netball
courts                                              courts
Yr 1/2
Willow Bartlett
Frankie Finn
Ivy-Belle Mestrom
Ruby McNaught
Ngaire McDougall
Lydia Moffat
Kacymea Tahitu'a

5/6 Years                                       7/8 Years                                      9/10 Years
Rippa                                              Blue
James Bremner                             Sam Asi                                        Hotili Asi
Charlie Bremner                            Morgan Baillie                               Max Fatafehi
Hamish Fowler                              Bronson Bartlett                            Campbell Fowler
Elias Fraser                                   Liam Cameron                              Corbin Fraser
Stirling Heffernan                          Troy Chikowore                             Toby Lewis
David Kilgour                                 Neight Fraser                                George McCarthy
Vilivea Tahitu'a                              Magnus Heaphy                            Sam McCarthy
Daniel Woodhouse                        Levi Heffernan                               Ash McFarlane
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo                   Baxter Lewis                                  Fergus McMullan
                                                       Maddox Lough                              Sam Keno
                                                       Cody Marshall                               Sebastian Spillane
                                                       Samuel McNaught                         Matthew Woodhouse
                                                       Patrick Spillane                              Cody Frew
                                                       Michael Woodhouse

Coach:  Scott Bremner                 Coach:  Glynn Cameron                  Coach: Josh Lewis
Practice:  TBC                              Practice:  Wednesday at                 Practice:  Thursday at 4.30 pm
                                                       3.15 pm at St Joseph's                     at St Joseph's

11/12 Years
Halalova Asi
Lachlan Brookes
Jack Cameron
Kaleb Cant
Taine Stewart- Cooper
Jacob Fowler
Mannix Fraser
Cody Haynes
Cameron Mather
Tyler Rawson
Seth Sinclair
Joseph Spillane
Peleki Tangifolau
Sebastian Whiston
Plus Excelsior players

Coaches: Gary Whiston & Chris Cant
Practice:  Thursday


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