Thursday, 19 March 2015

4. Ripper Rugby Teams 2015

Thank you to the children who showed an interest in our Ripper Rugby trials yesterday.  Thank you to Jason Forrest, Dan Keno and Glynn Cameron who helped put the teams together.  A note will come home on Tuesday and any parents who are interested in helping with these teams,  please let Mrs Souness know.  The tournament will be held on Friday 27th March at Whitestone Contracting stadium. 

The teams are as follows:

Yr 3/4 team                              Yr 5/6 team                              Yr 7/8 team
Morgan Baillie                          Elenoa Asi                                 Antonia Black
Lisiate Hausia                           Max Fatafehi                              Lachlan Brookes
Levi Heffernan                         Campbell Fowler                        Kaleb Cant
Niamh Jackson                         Jessika Jenkinson                      Jack Cameron
Jade-Rose Keno                       Grace Keno                                Yneke Edzes
Cody Marshall                          Sam Keno                                  Jacob Fowler
Cassidy Rawson                       Toby Lewis                                Isabella Hanning
Riley Tuffley                             Tess Souness                             Tannah Rintoul
Ava Watts                                 Sebastian Spillane                      Seth Sinclair
Kristian Whiston                       Nisha Wilson                              Tegan Souness

Yr 7/8 team                               Yr 7/8 team
Christian Baillie                         Halalova Asi
Maddison Bleach                       Nina Dickie
Trish Chikowore                        Daniel Frances-Rees
Ben Cullimore                           Joel Kunnethedan
Zach Dickie                               Tess McAtamney
Sivaenga Katoa                          Taine Stewart-Cooper
Laura Mather                             Sebastian Whiston
Saluni Palaa                               Niveek Wilson
Maria Wallace                            East Otago girls x 2
Jordan Woodhouse

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