Thursday 26 February 2015

2. Special Character News. Week 4, Term 1 2015

Classes are all learning about Jesus.  Last year the staff worked on three key concepts of things we would like the children to know and understand about Jesus.  These are:

  1. Jesus is fully human (covered in year 1 & 5)
  1. Jesus came to show us how to live and to save us (covered years, 2 (showed love), 4 (by example), 6 (repent and live a good life), 7 (our Saviour), 8 (Beatitudes))
  1. Jesus is God (covered year 3 & 5)


If you'd like to know more about this check out the information about Jesus on the Teaching and Learning Site

Specifically at each year level classes will focus on the following aspects of Jesus:
Year 1 – Jesus my Friend
1.      Jesus’ life as a human child in Palestine
2.      Jesus is human – our tuakana – and the Son of God
3.      Jesus’ invitation to be his friend

Year 5 – What I know about the life of Jesus
1.      The structure of the New Testament.
2.      The context in which Jesus lived his life.
3.      Jesus’ life story.
4.      Jesus – fully human, fully divine

Year 2 – Jesus showed his love in different ways
1.      The different ways Jesus showed love and respect.
2.      How to follow Jesus’ example of loving and respecting
3.      Learning about Jesus in the Bible

Year 6 – Jesus the Fullness of God’s Revelation
1.      Jesus is the Son of God who revealed God as Abba – Loving Father.
2.      Through the Holy Spirit Jesus invites people to repent and live a life of faith, hope and love in worship and action.
3.      Jesus lived his life in love for God and people.

Year 3 – Jesus gives himself in the Eucharist
1.      Jesus’ gift of himself as a Meal that helps people grow in holiness.
2.      How Christ is present in the celebration of the Eucharist.
3.      The celebration of the Eucharist – giving thanks to God

Year 7 – Jesus Saviour and Liberator
1.      Jesus saves people from sin and death through his life death and resurrection.
2.      Scriptural titles of Jesus.

Year 4 – Jesus came to show people how to live and lead them to God
1.      Jesus invites people to grow in holiness through His grace.
2.      Sharing in Jesus’ mission of worshipping God and bringing about God’s reign.
3.      How Jesus exercised tika, pono and aroha.
4.      Jesus was sent to reveal God’s love and reconcile people to God.

Year 8 – Jesus’ values and the role of the Disciples today
The Beatitudes and their place in the lives of Christ’s disciples
1.      Original, personal and communal sin, the struggle against sin and Christ’s message of forgiveness.
2.      Working for justice and peace as a follower of Jesus, advocate for the poor.
3.      Jesus as Risen Lord.

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