Friday 30 September 2022

2. Special Character Week 10 Term 3 2022

School and Family Mass 

Thank you to Ruma Hoiho- Year 5/6 for presenting Mass last week.

This week's Mass was presented by JH1 -Year 1. Thank you Mrs. Thomas and Miss Sollano and your class for the work that you both do. Thank you parents and parishioner's for all your support and prayers. We are looking forward to seeing all next term.

Acknowledgement: Communion

I just want to say a huge thank you to Fr Wayne for his prayers, support and help.

I would like to acknowledge Adrienne Wylie and Elaine Hurley for the work, guidance and support that you gave me and our sacramental children. Thank you.

A gratitude of thanks to Mrs Frances Rees, Mrs Winders, Mrs Brookes and all St Joseph's staff for your support, prayers, and the mahi that you all do. We are proud of our children and the work that we do.

Thank you also to prayer partners, caterers and parents for your support and prayer. May God bless us all and may you all have good and happy holidays.

Faith Facts:

Week 10- September 26 - 30 (Green)












St Vincent de Paul, priest



Sts Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, archangels


St Jerome, priest, doctor


St Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Since the early 1900’s, young people have been involved with the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society in New Zealand. Many of our schools in the Dunedin Diocese have Young Vinnies groups.

The Society was founded by seven people, most of whom were teenagers. The object of having a youth arm of the Society that caters to people from age about 11 to 30ish is to help them to realise that there are people in society in need, and to encourage them to help those people.

They are also encouraged to realise that the reason Vincentians help people is not just because they feel good doing this work, but because of the Gospel message to love your neighbour as yourself.

Something to think and pray about these holidays.

Prayer for young Vinnies

We have full and busy lives, Lord, and may not know what it is like to sit alone, longing for a knock at the door and someone to talk to. We are young and fit, Lord, how can we understand what it is like to be old and helpless with eyes that are dim, ears that are deaf and limbs that are stiff and clumsy. We are fit and strong, Lord, and find it hard to imagine what it is like to be in bed day after day, suffering paIn that no one wants to hear about. Lord, we will seek out the lonely the sick, the old, and bring them into the warmth of our lives. Amen

Ngā mihi

God Bless

Tua Misiloi Co DRS

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