Friday 3 May 2019

3. School Notices - Week 1, Term 2 2019


Altar Servers
Saturday 4th May – Serah Staju, Luse & Sam Asi and Lachlan Criddle
Sunday 5th May – Indeg & Nye Jones-Hogan and Lisiate Hausia

Birthday Greetings
Bridie McGeown and Cameron Aston

During the holidays a number of our students competed in Tai Kwon Do and Jujutsu competitions.

Tai Kwon Do is a Korean martial art characterised by its emphasis on its different kicks e.g. head height, jumping and spinning and fast kicking techniques.
The Oamaru Whitestone club hosted a one day tournament which involved 14 different clubs from Invercargill in the south to Richmond in the top of the south island. The grades were based on weigh on weight, height, belt rank and age.  Congratulations to our 10 students who competed at this tournament and received the following medals.

Gold – William and  Warren Pardede
Silver – William Pardede, Charlie & James Bremner, Tommy McGeown and Marianne Alegre
Bronze – Warren Pardede, Luke Bremner, Melicio King, Emily Chen and Paolo Mordeno

Jujutsu is a Brazilian system of unarmed combat involving wrestling and grappling.  Indeg Jones-Hogan went to Dunedin and competed in the Otago Club competition and grappled against boys and girls in the mixed 9 year grade.  Congratulations to Indeg on your gold medal.

Home and School
Parish Freezer – Years 6 & 7 – we would be very grateful if the families could kindly donate baking or cooked meal items during term 2 for the Parish Freezer.  The items can be baking or a main meal e.g. soups, casseroles, lasagne, muffins, biscuits etc. 

Pies and Milo – You can bring a pie for lunch wrapped in foil with your name clearly marked on it.  If you want a hot Milo drink with your lunch, bring your own named cup and 50 cents.  Please take the pies and cups to the hall kitchen first thing in the morning when you come to school.  At lunch time, go to the hall and collect your pie and milo.

 Scholastic Book Club
All orders to be in by Wednesday 8th May
Community Notices
·         St Francis Xavier School 100th Centenary celebrations held on Labour Weekend, 25 & 26th October.  Register now.  Email or contact the school office on 03 453 4446.

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