Thursday, 28 March 2019

1. Principal's News Week 8 Term 1 2019

Lockdown and other Emergency Procedures
We normally practice our lockdown procedure twice a year and were due to practice them last week but in the circumstances, I held off.  However, we do need to practice and several of our year 8s asked me last week when we were going to practice.  Having been in a lockdown situation in Christchurch, I can say that our's stands up well to scrutiny.  I made it in collaboration with the local Police force two years ago... and reviewed it again with them, last week.  I don't want our children to be anxious so I have always down-played the reasons for lockdowns.  But now they will know more about it.  The main thing to emphasise is that we need to do this so that we can take quick and effective safety action.   More likely than not it would be for something happening in the community that has nothing to do with us and is no danger to us.  But we need to know the right thing to do to keep ourselves safe.

The main thing for parents to know is that once we are in lockdown you can't come in and no-one can come out.  I know how much you would want to come and take your child in the situation but if you knock on windows or doors you would really scare the children.  So please just know they are hidden away and if they stay there they have the best chance of being safe.  When its over, in a genuine lockdown situation you would need to come and sign your child out from their class teacher so that we keep a clear count of everyone.

In the case of earthquake many of you would want to take your children as soon as it is safe and again, please sign them out with the class teacher.

If there is ever any danger of tsunami we won't be stopping.  We will be accounting for everyone and leaving the school, going up Torridge Street.  North School take the same route so we will continue to walk across the reservoir to where skyline walk meets Reservoir Road.  Children can be picked up from there.  Its a quiet street but there is only so much parking so you would need to be patient and probably park and walk a short way.  Again your child would be with their teacher and you would need to sign them out.

We pray we will never have to use any of those procedures in real life but we know when or if we do we will know what to do.

Before School Supervision
Please note our main door is unlocked at 8.00 am so that children who are booked into Before School Care can enter.  They are not able to enter the building and are unsupervised if they arrive earlier than 8.00 am.
Children arriving before 8.30 am and who are not in Before School Care are not in our care and can't enter the building or playground before 8.30 am.  

Our Before School Care is very reasonably priced.  Please inquire at the office if you wish your child to have this before school supervision.

Play-based Learning
Here are Junior Hub 1 learning through play.  We have noticed their negotiation, resilience, problem-solving and oral language is improving as they use play alongside their learning program.

Holy Week
Mrs Winders' year 4/5 class will be displaying some of their artwork in an Easter ecumenical display at St Paul's church starting on Holy Thursday.  Here is a sample of their work:

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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