Thursday, 21 June 2018

4. Sports Draw - Week 8, Term 2 2018

Netball - Saturday 23rd June
** Netball Goal-athon cards will be handed out to all players this week.

Intermediate Prem
9.00am - St Joseph's Gold v OIS Tactix – Pearsons court

Intermediate 1.2
10.00 am - St Joseph's Rebels v OIS Magic – Sport & Outdoors

Future Ferns Yr 5/6
9.00 am - St Joseph's Ferns v Valley Force – LJ Hooker

Future Ferns Yr 3/4
10.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Fenwick Stars – Unichem

Future Ferns Yr 1/2
Skills session starting at 10.00 am – BNZ court

10.00 am –Hannah Miller and Summer Moriarty
11.00 am - Athena Toeke, and Indya Cunningham
Rugby - Saturday 23rd June
First team named provides the referee unless one is named. 
** The draw is sometimes different from the booklet.  The draw on the newsletter is taken from the draw that gets emailed to us from North Otago Rugby each week.

5 yrs - Rippa
10.00 am – Valley Blue v St Joseph’s – Weston

6 yrs - Rippa
10.00 am – St Joseph’s v Valley Gold – SKC 3

7/8 yrs
11.00 am – St Joseph’s v Valley Gold – WCS main field – changed from venue in the paper

9/10 yrs -
11.30 am – Excelsior/Maheno v St Joseph’s (Harlequins) – WCS 2

11/12 yrs
12.30 pm – Valley  v St Joseph’s - Weston
Football - Saturday 23rd June
** Don’t forget to meet at 9.00 am before each game

9.30 am - St Joseph's All Whites v Meadowbank Machines – St Joseph’s

Hockey – Tuesday 26th June
Kwicksticks – Yr 7/8
4.00 pm – Speedy Sticks (St Joseph’s combined team) v OIS Red

Hockey – Wednesday 27th June
KiwiSticks – Yr 5/6
5.30 pm – T2 Mixed Magic (St Joseph’s combined team) v Upper Waitaki Wekas
·         The lights are NOT to be touched by anyone except the duty team parents.  If the lights get turned off, it takes 10 minutes for them to come back on again.

·         Duty Teams – all the information you need is on the score sheets.  Please remember to put bags, balls, clocks etc. away at the end of the night and have a quick clean-up of rubbish in your court.  We appreciate all the help!

·         The people who referee are VOLUNTEERS.  PLEASE do not talk back to them or yell at them.  Remember, your behaviour sets an example for ALL.

·         Teams are still not doing their duties.  I have a list of teams who will not be getting their game points due to not doing score bench and/or referee duties.  At the end of the season, this could be the difference to your team being in the semi/finals or not.

·         Thanks to ALL the people who do their duties, coach the teams and support the kinds in a POSITIVE ACTIVE way   …. We love that.
Thanks North Otago Basketball

Miniball - Tuesday 26th June
4.45 pm – St Joseph’s Breakers v Hamden Mariners – front court
4.45 pm – St Joseph’s Rebels v Fenwick Cavaliers – back court

Referee and Score bench
5.15 pm – St Joseph’s Breakers – referee – front court
5.15 pm – St Joseph’s Rebels – referee – back court
Basketball - Wednesday 27th June
5.40 pm – St Joseph’s Cavaliers v OIS Thunder – front court
5.40 pm – St Joseph’s Bolts v Papakaio – back court
6.30 pm – St Joseph’s Raptors v OIS Penguins – back court

Referee and Score bench
6.30 pm – St Joseph’s Cavaliers – referee and score bench – front court

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