Thursday, 7 June 2018

3. School Notices - Week 6, Term 2 2018

Beatitudes for Today
Blessed are those who know how to relax without looking for excuses; they are on the way to becoming wise.

Altar Servers
Saturday 9th June - Samuel Plieger, Sam Asi, Max Fatafehi and Nye Jones-Hogan
Sunday 10th June - Daniel & Jonathan Jorgensen, Anika Winders and Alexie Phillips

Birthday Greetings to:
Jordyn Shaw, William Pardede and Magnus Heaphy

Good luck 
Next week we have two days where our students are competing in tournaments.  Some of our Yr 7 & 8 students are competing down in Dunedin as part of St Kevin's College in the Junior Catholic Quadrangular tournament and our Yr 5/6 Rippa Rugby team is travelling to Timaru to compete against schools from Mid and South Canterbury and Fenwick from North Otago.  Good luck to you all.

Junior Swimming
These are the dates for the junior school water safety lessons next term.  Mrs Misiloi and Mrs Klenners class will swim at 1.30 pm and Mrs Brookes and Mrs McRae will swim at 2.00 pm.
The 10 days are Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  A notice will come home next week with more information.
Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st July
Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th, Monday 20th, Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th August
Monday 3rd September

Permission Slips
We are still waiting for money and permission slips to come back in for the Junior Quad Tournament and Rippa Rugby.  Please pay as soon as possible.


Monday 11 - Confirmation meeting for parents at 7.00 pm
Tuesday 12 - ICAS Spelling exam
Wednesday13 - Junior Quad tournament in Dunedin for some Yr 7 & 8 students
Thursday 14 - Rippa Rugby tournament for Yr 5/6 team in Timaru

School Loop Ap
Skool app is a free app that gives you access to contacting our school, for notifying absences and viewing the newsblog. Download from here and click St Joseph's Oamaru from the drop down menu.

St Joseph's Timaru Interschool

A notice and permission slip will come home with all Yr 7 & 8 students tomorrow.  Please keep an eye out for it.

Tomorrow Subway are donating half the proceeds of their school lunches back to the school as part of a goodwill gesture.  We would love your support.

We warmly welcome Alexander Roa to our new entrants class this week.

Young Leaders Day
Last Monday our Yr 8 class travelled down to Dunedin to hear speeches about inspiring young leaders.  John Orillo and Lily Wickham wrote about their views on the day.

NYLD 2018
On Monday the 28th May 2018 the Year 8s went to National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) in Dunedin.
It was a amazing experience with excellent speakers, Amanda Wilson, Riley Hathaway, Jono Naylor,
Robbie Fruean, James Beck, Te Waka Mcleod, William Waiirua and Vince Harder. And our awesome
hosts Christian Gallen and Liz Alexander. They all had very inspiring speeches and the youngest
speaker Riley Hathaway was incredible. When she was young she didn’t like the ocean at all  but
that all changed when she had to do a project on the ocean. My two favourite quotes were
"Shoot for the moon even if you miss you’ll land among the stars"- Robbie Fruean, "You don't have to
be rich or have all the flashest gear in the world to make your dreams come true"- Amanda Wilson.

Lily Wickham Yr 8

NYLD (National young leaders day) is such an amazing experience as you get to meet national leaders like Amanda Wilson and even William Waiirua! If you’re lucky enough you might even get their autographs! At first you might think “I’m nervous and I might not make it through this day” or maybe “I won’t get this person's attention or what not” whatever it is you think of, there's a chance that the “superheroes” will pick you to ask the special celebrities a question!

NYLD isn’t only just about having fun, but to become a leader that stands up for whats right and knows whats going on. Jono Naylor sets this example with something the year 8’s learnt 'Hope'
Hope stands for (Humility, Others focused, Play to your strengths and Extend yourself). This is something the whole entire St Josephs community can use because its just like the 4 R’s we use everyday. Another thing that the year 8’s learnt was from Amanda Wilson and it speaks out from the crowd, she said..”Be brave enough to be “different” and don’t let anyone stop your dreams”

Do you feel like changing the world? Step by step? We can do this by helping Riley Hathaway’s extraordinary campaign called 1+A Day. What we do to help her is to pick up at least one piece of rubbish a day! Sounds easy right? To help you get motivated in starting, the winning school wins a free pizza lunch and cool games and activities to play with other “special celebrities”doesn’t that sound exciting!

All and all NYLD is a very fun experience and no its not just lets talk about business, the hosts play games and entertain you with activities like animal charades, keep an eye out though as they will throw tennis balls and those who catch them win a very good prize! NYLD is a life changer and without you or anyone it just wouldn’t be fun at all. In the beginning you will be given a special booklet to keep and a free pencil too! Inside the booklets there are a couple of pages you can write on like how you feel, think and what you can do. You can bring money to buy cool badges and even William Waiirua merchandise (many many more) It truly is an amazing time, space to be living in.

Behalf of the year 8’s  -John Orillo

Hotili Asi with Vince Harder (Singer) and William Waiirua (Social Media)

Community Notices
  • Ardgowan School Quiz Night - held on Monday 2nd July at 7.00 pm at the Northstar Restaurant. Register your team at the Ardgowan School Office, ph 433 1366 or email

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