Thursday, 9 March 2017

2.Special Character Week 6

Faith facts this week:-
Lent has always been one of the key periods of the Church year. It helps us understand the meaning of Jesus death and resurrection and we are to reflect on it in our lives. The whole purpose of Lent is to understand the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus and to live that out in our own lives.

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The forty days of Lent correspond to Jesus’ own forty days spent in the desert. For him, it was a period of preparation for his coming mission. At the end of the forty days – as described in Matthew and Luke – Jesus had three encounters design to put him off his mission. Jesus overcomes the distractions as we are encouraged to also through Lent. Catholics are encouraged to pray, serve (alms giving) and fast so that all may be strengthened to follow in the mission of Jesus.

Our classrooms will be centering learning around the following Caritas Unit over the next few weeks over Lent.

The theme for Lent 2017 comes from Psalm 27: ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek’. This phrase reminds us that when we encounter our brothers and sisters, wherever they may live, we encounter the face of Christ. Water: Climate Change in the Pacific is the title of this education resource series which features many stories from Pacific communities highlighting their climate related challenges. Just Water is relevant as many of the issues involve either not enough, or too much, water; but more importantly, access to sufficient, safe, fresh water is a human right and a matter of social justice. 

God Bless
Nicola Winders

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