Thursday, 23 March 2017

1. Principal's News Week 8 Term 1 2017

Looking Forward
Last week Morgan Tangney and myself had conversations with St Kevin’s teachers around transitions to high school.
In 2013-14 we worked closely with St Kevin's College in the Learning and Change network. It is very inspiring to discover what they took from our practice at St Joseph’s back then and how powerful it has been for them.   These practices are to do with tracking the key competencies, knowing each learner individually, focusing on skills and processes, using learning progressions and integrating curriculum.  Incidentally, these are all the things we are focusing on rebuilding for ourselves in 2017.
I am looking forward to reclaiming our teaching and learning practices as per our annual plan for 2017.  These are the practices St Kevin’s have found so powerful and I'm looking forward to using these skills to underpin a diverse, holistic and meaningful integrated curriculum.   

Every Thursday we have some very keen gardeners who help keep our school gardens tidy. Thanks to Biannca from the Waitaki Community Gardens who comes and shows the children how to look after a garden.

Mass this Sunday
This Sunday is our welcome mass for new enrolments to the school.  The Home and School will present picture Bibles to these children.  Please come along to mass to meet our new students and their families.  The parish/school community is a supportive, ongoing community which you and your children are part of for life, so please do come along and join this celebration and have a cup of tea afterwards to meet some new friends.
Home and School
A big thank you to the Home and School who have purchased some new playground equipment for us.  They have purchased some much needed balls, some space hoppers for something a bit different, sandpit equipment for the junior school and a badminton set.  The year 8 Physical Activity Leaders are working on setting up a lunchtime badminton tournament.  I think we may even get some staff participants.

Thank you also to our year 8s, and some year 4s who are working on sorting out the sports shed.
God bless,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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