Thursday, 25 August 2016

1. Principal's News - Week 5, Term 3 2016

Union Meeting
On Thursday 8th September, most of the staff will be involved in a union meeting from 9.00 to 11.00 am.  As all staff who are union members are legally entitled to attend this meeting, we will not be opening the school until 11.00 am.  For anyone not able to supervise their children at home, there will be a skeleton staff available for supervision only.  We do apologise for this inconvenience. This union meeting will disrupt bus services and we will confirm next week what the new morning bus pick up times will be for that day.  All schools are affected by this union meeting.

First Communion
Congratulations to the 16 children from our school and parish who made their First Holy Communion last Sunday.  It was a lovely celebration.  Congratulations and thanks to all those who prepared the children for their big day, who helped serve their morning tea, their prayer partners and anyone else involved.
Mini Olympics
Our thanks again to the Year 8 students for organising the Mini Olympics for the whole school last Thursday afternoon.  They did a superb job and the afternoon was fun filled and busy for all the children.

The Year 8 students played the staff at netball last Friday and once again the staff won the very large cup although by a very small margin.  You can view more photos later in the blog.
Eyes on the ball Mr Cartlidge
Reading Books
Schools continue to spend vast sums of money on reading books and they very often come back damaged or not at all.  Could we please ask you to have a good hunt at home and look under beds, in bookcases and any other little hidey holes and return the books to school, no questions asked.  Thank you for your support.

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