Thursday 26 May 2016

4. Sports Draw & Photos - Week 4, Term 2 2016

Netball - Saturday 28th May
There is a netball course being offered on Friday 10th June by Netball  South called ‘Back to Basics Workshop’.  It costs $5.00 per coach and you get a resource booklet to take away.  Workshops will be split into 2 x 1 hour blocks.
Attack Focus from 6.00 to 7.00 pm and Defence Focus from 7.00 to 8.00 pm.

Intermediate 1.1
9.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v Valley Steel – Adore Spa

Intermediate 1.3
St Joseph’s Rebels has the bye

Year 5/6 Big Hoops
10.00 am - St Joseph's Ferns v Valley Mystics – Court 2

Year 5/6 Small Hoops
11.00 am – St Joseph's Warriors v Kurow White – Fitness 24

Year 3/4
10.00 am – St Joseph’s Maroon v Fenwick Flames – LJ Hooker
11.00 am - St Joseph’s Steel v Fenwick Flash – LJ Hooker

Year 1/2
10.00 am – Pearsons court

11.00 am – Yneke Edzes
Rugby - Saturday 28th May – St Joseph’s is on duty this Saturday
The next rugby skills session will be held on Sunday 12th June at 10.00 am at Whitestone Contracting Stadium.  This is a continuation of what was started a few weeks back for the 9/10s and 11/12 year old children.  The next one will be on Sunday July 3rd before the school holidays.  The holiday programme will be held on Tuesday 12th July and Tuesday 19th July at the park.

5 yrs 
10.30 am – St Joseph’s Blue v Kurow – WCS 9a
11.00 am – Old Boys v St Joseph’s Maroon – WCS 9b

7/8 yrs
11.00 am – Valley Blue/Maheno v St Joseph’s – Maheno

9/10 yrs
St Joseph’s has the bye

11/12 yrs
11.00 am – St Joseph’s v Valley – WCS 6
Football - Saturday 28th May
11.00 am - St Joseph's Little Whites v Riverside Kiwis – Kurow School

9.30 am - St Joseph's White Knights v Riverside Dynamoes – Showgrounds J2
9.30 am – St Joseph’s United v Riverside Phoenix – Papakaio School
Hockey – Tuesday 31st May
4.00 pm – QuickSticks v OIS Red
Hockey – Wednesday 1st June
4.00 pm – Mixed Monkeys v Papakaio Gold

4.30 pm – Mixed Magic v Five Fork Panthers
Miniball - Tuesday 31st May
Reminder:  If you are on LATE DUTY on the front court, the hoops have to be put back up on the rails above the court, not left on the big hoops or on the floor – usually there are some parents around that will help you.

Please be aware that the score benches and referees are sometimes parents or High School students who are also learning so if you can help rather than approach and criticise that would be great.  Thank you North Otago Basketball

4.15 pm – St Joseph’s Thunder v Weston Wolves – back court
4.45 pm – St Joseph’s Rebels v Oamaru North – back court
St Joseph’s Breakers has the bye

Referee and Score bench
4.15 pm – St Joseph’s Rebels – referee and score bench
5.15 pm – St Joseph’s Breakers – referee and score bench
Basketball - Wednesday 1st June
4.50 pm – St Joseph’s Raptors v Weston Wasps – front court
4.50 pm – St Joseph’s Bolts v OIS Mini Penguins - back court
5.40 pm – St Joseph’s Cavaliers v OIS Penguins – front court

Referee and Score bench
4.00 pm – St Joseph’s Raptors – score bench
4.00 pm – St Joseph’s Bolts - referee
Sports Photos
Fr Wayne has been out and about with his trusty camera during the last couple of weeks where the sporting conditions have endured hot and dry weather one week and wet, cold and windy the next.   Here is a snap shot of rugby, netball and football.

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