Thursday 3 March 2016

4. Senior Swimming Sports Notice for next Wednesday

Wednesday 9th March at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre

Dear Parents

Our first race will be at 9:30 am and will be finished by 12.00 pm. Children need to be at school in their full PE uniform before 8.50 am as we will be walking the children down in classes as close to 9.00 am as possible.  Please ensure that your child has plenty of food and a water bottle as they get quite hungry at the pool.

This year we hope to have at least three timekeepers per swimming lane, for our six lanes.  If you are interested in timekeeping, please see me at school or email  You will be shown how to time keep beforehand at the pool

The children are encouraged to wear their house colours once they arrive at the pool.  Face paint and vivid markers are not allowed.

The order of events is: 4 lengths Medley and then the non-competitive and competitive events. There will be no finals run, only heats as they will be timed.

We have entered the children in races they are confident in and the swimming instructors and teachers have both been looking at them. If you want to ensure that your children are in the races you feel they should be, please contact your child’s teacher.

Ages are taken as at 16th of March for the age groups for the swimming sports.

Places will be determined on times recorded. Each swimmer will earn a house point for entering, 3rd place will earn two, 2nd place will earn 3 and 1st place will earn 4. There will be no width events.

The starting procedure is, a whistle for quiet, ‘on your marks’, followed by a bang. Please be quiet when the swimmers are under starter’s orders.

The various swimming events will be put on a whiteboard, which will go past.  Each teacher will have a copy of the order of events as well. Please listen carefully for the marshalling calls.

We will have house relays to end the sports with time permitting.

Please do not approach the recorders for results, as they will be extremely busy making sure the times are recorded correctly.

Parents please sit either at the deep end of the pool or on the diving board side.  Children will be required to stay in the stands as we won’t have time to find them if they miss their races.

North Otago and Otago Swimming Sports
The swimmers qualifying for the North Otago championship will be required to perform the stroke correctly. We will have someone checking on technique at the sports and the children will be disqualified if they are using an incorrect technique.

Entry for North Otago swimming sports is taken on times not places, hence our recording of times on the day.  The North Otago swimming sports are on Wednesday 16th of March. The children who qualify for the North Otago swimming sports will be notified.

Otago Primary School’s swimming takes place on Saturday 9th April at Moana Pool in Dunedin.  The first race is at 9.00 am and the entry fee is $5.00 per race entered.  If you wish for your child to take part in this, you MUST contact me before our swimming sports as their entries close on Thursday 24th March.

Thanking you

Tina Souness
Sports Coordinator

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