Thursday, 3 March 2016

1. Principal News Week 5, Term 1 2016

We are now in our fourth week of Lent, a time for prayer and reflection as we lead up to Easter. Check out Mrs Dooley's ideas in the Special Catholic Character section of our newsblog below for suggestions of what you can do.

Goal Setting
Thanks to everyone who attended the meetings to set learning and self-management goals with our learners across the school. It's important to have conversations around learning and achievement for your children. Thanks to the staff who spent the long days at school ensuring they could meet with you all.

Book Character Day
Here is a video of the winners from each section for Book Character Day. Special thanks to Miss Day and Miss Gray for organising and coordinating our Book Week events. Thanks to all of the helpers with the Book Fair during the week.

Linewize officially operational

At our Family learning Hui, Mr Cartlidge spoke about the new safety programme we have set up. Linewize enables teachers to gain visibility and control over Internet use in the classroom. Live visibility over student Internet use allows teachers to identify those students focused on the lesson and those whose attention has wandered. Linewize even identifies students who have chosen to take their device off-network to pursue their own activities. Educating digital citizenship. Student Internet access is a privilege. Linewize makes it easy for teachers to ensure that students are respecting this privilege by aligning their behaviour with the schools’ acceptable use agreement. 

Food Fair
We are all looking forward to supporting our school at the Food Fair on Sunday. Thanks to our Home & School and all helpers in our community who are contributing to this special fundraising event.

Leadership Meetings
Our school council and Yr 8 leaders met yesterday. If you would like an insight into our meetings, you can find it on the Student as Leaders tab on the principal blog by going to this link.  We look forward to actioning leadership plans around the school as we reach for the stars as lifelong learners in the Catholic Faith for 2016.
School Council members
Our deputies and head students

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