Thursday 3 March 2016

2. Special Character Week 5 Term 1 2016

Compliment people - kind words can change lives and people rarely forget. 
(Bear Grylls)

We are now in our 4th Week of Lent. Lent is a time for Prayer/Karikia, Almsgiving and Fasting. Here are some suggestions how we can all get ready for Easter.

Personal Prayer
Prayer for others in need
Pray for help with a problem
Thanksgiving prayers
Say a quiet prayer to yourself

Give some extra time to your family tonight
Write to/email/text your parents/grandparents
Give to Caritas Lenten Appeal
Help with Garden clean up at weekends
Give heaps of smiles away

Fast from impatience today
Fast from unkindness today
Fast from laziness today
Fast from snacks between meals today

Cherish your memories. Recall those that make you smile.
Ann Dooley/Co. Director of Religious Studies

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