Thursday, 14 May 2015

1. Principal News Week 4 Term 2

Engage every student in deep learning for success

At St Joseph's we are adamant that we are living out this powerful learning goal across the school. Our staff are role modelling deep learning for success too. Most of us are studying during our holidays and after school time. We are fortunate to have the support of a forward thinking Board of Trustees who understand that if our teachers are passionate about engaging in learning, then our children will be too. 

I have been encouraged to share my recent personal learning experiences with you. During the Easter holidays, I completed a leadership essay for my master's studies. My results for previous papers ranged from credits to distinctions. This time I was awarded a High Distinction. Having a growth mind set attitude and being committed to working hard, helped me to achieve this outcome.This is no different for our children at school. If they develop their independent learning skills and key competencies, they will be able to achieve excellent results too.
Our goal is to instill a desire and passion for learning into our children so that they will leave us at the end of Year 8, ready to go to high school and succeed. These skills and competencies don't develop over night. They need a combined focused belief in success from both you and your child. Together with our teachers, we can make it work for your children. 

During our recent open morning, it was possible to view the transition and development of learning throughout the school from the 5 year olds to the 13 year olds. 
If you weren't able to make the open morning but would still like to see our engaging learning spaces (ELS's) in action then I suggest that you contact me. Let's make a time for a personal tour at a time that suits you. Please don't judge our ELS's without having experienced them in action for yourself.

I would like to share part of a video taken during a visit from teachers from Waverly Park school last week. Our visitors interviewed our Head Boy Joel Kunnethedan about our ELS's. Although we are only in our second term of the year, we believe that the responses Joel gave epitomize what we want for all of our students by the end of Year 8. 

We believe that every student will be able to confidently articulate and competently take ownership of their learning before they leave us for high school. This will only happen if we (teachers and parents together) believe in the capabilities of our children. We believe that they will be able to succeed through dedication and hard work. At St Joseph's,
our professional teaching team are passionate about ensuring success for all children.

Presentation at St Kevin's for the Whitestone Learning and Change Network
Today I was fortunate enough to work with six of our Year 8 leaders who have been invited to prepare a presentation about learning for the staff of St Kevin's and other schools from the network.
We were able to collaborate on a google slide show with a focus on how we engage in our learning and ways to make the transition to high school work well for all students. Our colleagues at St Kevin's and in other schools are aware that shifts in practice and pedagogy will help support our learners to transition to high school.
Our Year 8 leaders preparing for a learning presentation at St Kevin's 
National Young Leader's Day
One of the strengths of our school is our focus on leadership. Every student takes on a leadership role in Year 8. This builds self-esteem and confidence and prepares our students for future success at high school.
On Monday, Mr Moore and I took all of our Year 8's to Dunedin for the annual National Young Leader's Day. This year's theme was focused on 'amazing journeys'. Speakers included William Pike, Tamsin Cooper, Steve Guerney and Jamie McDell. Messages about giving everything 100% and taking every chance that comes your way were emphasised during the presentations.
Every year our students tell us that this day is one of the highlights of the year for them. They always return with a passion and belief in their own abilities as young leaders of the future.

Chopper Appeal
Thanks to everyone who contributed to our mufti day appeal for the Westpac Chopper Appeal. We raised $274. This will go directly to supporting our local Otago rescue helicopter. Our support will help keep the life saving rescue choppers in the air.

Family Learning Hui - Did you miss it ? Catch up and learn more
Thanks again to everyone who attended last week's hui. Here is a link to a blogpost with information about the learning that took place. 
There are also some videos to watch as well. Next term's Family Learning Hui will be a student led hui and involve our senior and junior children. 
Good luck to all sports players and competitors in the Speech, Vocal and Instrumental presentations at the Ink Box theater this weekend. All of you are showing us how to 'Reach for the Stars as Lifelong Learners in the Catholic Faith'.

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  1. An excellent post Mrs Jackson. We are so fortunate that the learning leader (aka principal) of our wonderful school models the schools values in real life. Congratulations on your results!