Thursday, 4 December 2014

4. Congratulations - Week 8, Term 4

Athletic Champions
Congratulations to our Athletic champions who received their trophy and certificates at a special assembly last week.  Francesca Black was absent from the photo.

8 yrs - Grace Keno and Max Fatafehi
9 yrs - Eleni Hausia and Toby Lewis
10 yrs - Yneke Edzes and Jacob Fowler
11 yrs - Trish Chikowore and Shem Guteriez, Sebastian Whiston and Timothy Jorgensen
12 yrs - Niveek Wilson and Ben Cullimore
13 yrs - Francesca Black and Mark Xie

Principals Award
Congratulations to Roger Neri and Lexi Gutierez on receiving the Principal's Award last week for their brilliant dancing in the Cultural Day performance.

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