Thursday, 18 December 2014

3. School Notices - Week 10, Term 4

(a)  Altar Servers
Saturday 20th December - Elizabeth & Nicholas Plieger, Mackenzie Cunningham and Joseph Spillane
Sunday 21st December - Rhea Ratgali, Kelsey Mills and Joel Kunnethedan

Christmas Vigil
Wednesday 24th December - Elizabeth & Nicholas Plieger, Ben Cullimore & Antonio Frances-Rees
Christmas Day
Thursday 25th  December - Lachlan Brookes, Joel Kunnethedan, Jerome & Michael Misiloi

Saturday 27th December - Seth Sinclair, Ben Cullimore, Antonio Frances Rees and Lachlan Brookes
Sunday 28th December - Tess McAtamney, Tia Hunter, Jerome & Michael Misiloi

Saturday 3rd January - Mackenzie Cunningham, Lachlan Brookes, Nicholas & Elizabeth Plieger
Sunday 4th January - Rhea Ratgali, Mekeisha Hurley, Joel Kunnethedan and Emily Hayman

Saturday 10th January - Antonio Frances-Rees, Joseph Spillane, Ben Cullimore and Nicholas Plieger
Sunday 11th January - Tia Hunter, Tess McAtamney and Joel Kunnethedan

Saturday 17th January - Elizabeth Plieger, Mackenzie Cunningham, Seth Sinclair and Halalova Asi
Sunday 18th January - Antonia & Francesca Black, Cameron & Laura Mather

Saturday 24th January - Nicholas Plieger, Lachlan Brookes, Joseph Spillane and Antonio Frances-Rees
Sunday 25th January - Kelsey Mills, Rhea Ratgali, Jerome & Michael Misiloi

Saturday 31st January - Halalova Asi, Ben Cullimore, Seth Sinclair and Mackenzie Cunningham
Sunday 1st February - Tess McAtamney, Tia Hunter and Joel Kunnethedan

(b)  Birthday Greetings to:
December - Grace Keno, Mia Cant, Samuel McNaught and Daniel Jorgensen
January - Sunny Tian, Aaliyah Meikle, Courtney Kershaw, Willow Bartlett, Elizabeth Plieger, Ivy-Belle Mestrom, Maddison Bleach, Vannisah Ramu, Isabella McNaught, Holly Cartlidge, Daniel Frances-Rees and Ruby McNaught
February - Eva Harrex and Michael Woodhouse

(c)  Lost Property
All the lost property is located in the hall for anyone wishing to check their child's clothing.  All named clothing has been returned to their rightful owners. Next week the clothing will be distributed to the uniform shop or St Vincent de Paul shop.

(d)  Summer Sports
Touch Rugby - the new season will commence again on Tuesday 17th February.
Cricket - starts back on Saturday 7th February.  Your coach will notify you nearer the time.
Kiwi Cricket - will confirm start date next year.

(e)  Archery
An expression of interest has arisen for anyone wishing to learn archery next year after school.  Please email Mrs Souness at if you are interested in learning this sport.

(f)  School Swimming Dates
The swimming dates have been confirmed for term 1 for the Yr 3-8 children in which the Yr 3-6 children have 3 more lessons than the Yr 7 & 8's. The Yr 1-2 children swim in term 2 and the dates will be notified next year.  The swim times and dates are as follows:

Yr 8 - swim at 12.30 pm  
Yr 7 - swim at 1.00 pm
Yr 6 - swim at 1.30 pm
Yr 5 - swim at 2.00 pm
Yr 4 - swim at 2.00 pm
Yr 3 - swim at 1.30 pm

February - Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th, Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th and Wednesday 25th.
March - Monday 2nd

The extra swim dates for the Yr 3-6 are Tuesday 3rd March, Thursday 5th March and Friday 6th March.

Our senior school swimming sports will be held on Wednesday 11th March from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm.

(g)  School Stationery
The stationery lists for each class for 2015will be available on the school website  from next week.

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