Thursday 18 December 2014

1. Principal News Week 10 Term 4

End of Year Celebration and Year 8 Leaver's Mass
Tonight we recognise and thank everyone who has contributed to our school during 2014. We also formally farewell our Year 8's who will finish with us tomorrow. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the families that will finish their association with our school, some of them have been involved for many years : Callahan, Elstone, Pine, Halaholo, Hardy, Harper, Pink, Mabon, McKeown, Mills, Pickworth, Pope, Sew Hoy and Tiffen families.

Christmas Mufti Day and Carols at 11:45 tomorrow
We have a few final awards to hand out tomorrow as well as reports. Year 8 leaders for 2015 will be announced at 11:30 am after a thank you cuppa for all parents at 10:45 am in Ruma Koru. Please come and join us. We will come together for our final assembly and carols at 11:45 am and break up at 12:30 pm.

Well done to all of our junior school for an excellent Nativity Presentation last week,. There are more photos at the end of the blog

Teaching and Learning Plans for 2015
Many of you will have had a chance to read our latest developments. Here they are again for you:
I am writing to inform you of a late but unavoidable change to the staffing for 2015 and thank our wonderful staffing team for supporting these changes.

Our congratulations go to Mrs Frances-Rees who has just been appointed as Principal of St Joseph’s school in Pleasant Point.  She will commence this new role in Term 2, 2015.

As a result, Miss Tangney will become the Yr 7 teacher and work in collaboration with Mr Moore (Yr 8) and Miss Huls (Yr 6) in the Senior Learning Hub. Miss Huls has previous Yr 6 teaching experience and is looking forward to becoming part of the senior team.  Miss Megan Day will teach in Tawa and join Mrs Burke in Junior Learning Hub 2.  Miss Day relieved for Miss Huls last week and has been working part time at St Bernadette's in Dunedin.  Mrs Frances-Rees will remain as Deputy Principal and Learning Hub Facilitator to support all staff and students with the transition to collaborative team learning and teaching environments during Term 1.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about next year.

Staffing for 2015
Junior Learning Hub 1     Mrs Brookes               Kauri
                                        Miss Clouston             Kawakawa
Junior Learning Hub 2     Mrs Burke                   Rimu
                                        Miss Day                     Tawa
Middle Learning Hub       Mrs Dooley/ Mrs Asi   Totara
                                        Mr Cartlidge                Pohutukawa
Senior Learning Hub       Miss Huls                    Kahikatea
                                        Miss Tangney             Manuka
                                        Mr Moore                    Matai

Farewell Miss Jackson
Tomorrow is the last day for Miss Jackson. It's been a pleasure to be able to support her at the beginning of her teaching career. Miss Jackson has been with us since September 2012 as the Kawakawa teacher. We thank her for her hard work as an enthusiastic teacher in our Junior school and for her efforts in establishing our successful St Joseph's Gymnastic's club this year. We wish her every blessing for her teaching post as New Entrant teacher at Holy Family school in Melbourne, Australia. 

Thank you 
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to a wonderful year at St Joseph's for 2014.
On behalf of the board and staff, I would like to wish you all a safe and joyous Christmas break. We look forward to welcoming you back to school on the 2nd February 2015.

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