Friday 21 October 2022

3. School Notices - Week 1, Term 4 2022


Birthday Greetings to:

Siale T

The senior school is holding their athletics day on Friday 18th November for children aged 8 years and up from the 1st October.  As we are not combining our school athletics with Te Pakihi o Maru school this year, we have decided to run our athletics at school.

The junior school athletic showcase for children aged 5-7 years will be held on Thursday 17th November from 11.15 am to 12.30 pm at school.  Parents are welcome to come and have lunch with their children after the athletics.

We are requiring parent help to help run the rotations and if you can help with either a full or half day, please let Mrs Brien know. 

End of Year Trophies
Please return any End of Year trophies and JJ awards to the office by the end of next week.

The games start on Monday 31st October and will be held either at the Waitaki Rec Centre or at St Kevin's College.  A draw will come out next week for the games.  The last game is on Monday 5th December.

  • Times - the first game starts at 4.00 pm with the last game starting at 7.00 pm depending on the grade.  All games are 12 minute halves with 1 minute half time.
  • Fees - the cost of the fees will be $33.00 per person and this can be paid at the office or by internet banking to your school account.
  • Teams and Grades - these teams are mixed

  •  Years 1-2 - play 4 x 4 half court (no goalkeepers)

  •  Years 3-4 - play 4 x 4 half court (no goalkeepers)

  • Years 5-6 - play 5 v 5 (with goalkeeper) full court

  • Years 7-8  - play 5 v 5 (with goalkeepers) full court

  • Managers/coach - We need an adult to look after the Yr 5/6 futsal team. You will be in charge of subbing them on and off the court every 2-3 minutes. Please let Mrs Brien know if you can help.

  • Draws/Fixtures - the draw will be in our school newsletter and on the Football South Website and on the Football Waitaki Facebook page.

  • Uniform - players to wear their PE uniform and sport shoes.

  • Cancellation – if games are cancelled due to weather, you will be notified either by email, Facebook or go to the North Otago Touch Rugby Facebook page


Yrs 1-2 

(4 v 4)

St Joseph’s White

Yrs 3-4

(4 v 4)

St Joseph’s Red

Yr 5-6

(5 v 5)

St Joseph’s Blue

Yr 7-8

(5 v 5)

St Joseph’s Black

James A

Zoey C

Phoebe C

Gavin P

Gihansa P

Ian Rosas R

Anto S

Jane V

team is full

William A

Ryan B

Nilah C

Manaia D

Taylor D

Emily M

Alexander R

team is full

Luke B

Liam L

Soa M

Molly M

Tendayi R

Larnik V

Jac B

Emily C

David K

Marc M

Patricia M

Allan R

Genne R

Daniel W

team is full





Coach/Manager:  Sacha Cogle 

Coach/Manager:   Rory McGeown

Coach/Manager:  required 


Andy Bradley 

Otago Primary School Swimming Champs
These will be held on Saturday 12th November at Moana Pool in Dunedin and it is open to any student who has met the qualifying time for the 50-metre races in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.  The age groups are: 
- 9 years and under
- 10 years and under
- 11 years and under
- 12 years and under

I will attach the relevant information to the email and if your child is interested in attending these swimming champs, please let Mrs Brien know.  Please note it is the parents responsibility to take the children to the swimming sports and to look after them.  School will enter the children for their races.

Everyone is welcome to attend our school Mass every Thursday at 9.15 am and our school assembly every Friday afternoon at 2.30 pm in the hall.

Scholastic Book Club
Brochures were handed out yesterday.  Orders are due back in the office by Monday 31st October.  Please note there is one more book club order before the end of the year.

Touch Rugby
Coach required - we still require a coach/manager for our Yr 1/2 team as of today, nobody has offered to look after this team. Their first game is on Tuesday and with Monday being a holiday, we need a parent to help out.  Please let Mrs Brien know if you can help.

Draw - the draw will be sent to you on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday otherwise it can be found on the North Otago Junior Touch Facebook page.

Community Notices

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