Friday 28 October 2022

1. Principal's News Term 4 Week 2 2022


In terms 3 and 4 each year, we specifically focus on learning in Science.  Every year we look at the Science capabilities which help the children to "think like scientists."  This year we have also looked at Tuna (eel) migration from our Waitaki River to Tonga where they breed and the young then return all the way to our Waitaki River.  This has helped us to learn about migration and life cycles.

Every year we do a normed test in Science.  That means a test that is set up nationally and compared across the country.  This year 92% of our children in years 4 to 7 achieved at or above the norm with all of our year 7 class achieving at or above the norm.  Well done to year 7 and our amazing students.  This achievement level has steadily risen from 76% in 2017 when we first started doing this.

39% of our whole school were high achievers compared with the national norm for Science.  This is an amazing result.

A recent external observer in our classrooms remarked on how very well our teachers integrate learning so that learning is shared across curriculum areas and kept relevant to the children and their interests.

RE Achievement

Achievement in Religious Education starts with knowing the content of our religion and in our recent assessments, all of our students from years 1 to 8 are showing a very good understanding of the content of our faith teaching.

As children get older we expect them to use critical thinking skills and apply their religious education to the world as well as critique their knowledge and understanding.  A huge 90% of our year 7 & 8 children are showing ability in this level of thinking and routinely using it not only to engage with religious education but throughout the curriculum.  These children are independent critical thinkers.

Not only this, our recent work with St Kevin's has given us very positive feedback about our senior writers and even said some of them are writing at NCEA standard already.

A massive well done to our teachers and our students.  It is world teacher day today and please remember to thank your child's teacher for the awesome work they do.

Our Goals Moving Forward

Lots of things have changed in our world.  Our school community now is very different from what it was even 3 years ago.  The world is different.  We MUST know what is important to you.  You may think you have only been in New Zealand a short time and wonder what you might add to our goals.  Or you may think, you've been here always and you know we're working together and it will turn out OK.  But we really need EVERYONE'S point of view to help us move forward.  This means, our values, our uniform, how we represent ourselves to the world, and what it means to belong at St Joseph's.

It is EXTREMELY important that what we do at St Joseph's reflects your dreams and wishes for your children's future, within a Catholic faith context.

So we would love for you to join us this evening at our Family Fun Evening.  Bring your own tea and join in games and fun activities.  You can slip into the staffroom and cast your vote on the ideas we want your feedback on and if you do this you enter a raffle.  Topflite has kindly donated a very cool bird feeder.

We look forward to seeing you this evening.

A reminder also that we are closed on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th November for staff development.

Ma te Atua e manaaki a aroha,

(God bless, and love)

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