Thursday, 9 December 2021

4. Christmas Mass Time table


Dear Parishioners

You have had the opportunity to read the Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops of

Aotearoa regarding Living, Caring, Worshipping and Ministering in a Covid-19 World. It

reads, in part, ‘The principal of the ‘preferential option for the poor’, which is an integral

part of Catholic social teaching, demands that the needs and vulnerabilities of all these

people take priority as we continue to respond and adapt to the new world shaped by

Covid-19. We accept that for most the decision to be vaccinated or not vaccinated is based

on a sincere conscience.’

While we can disagree with those who have a different view to our own, the Gospel

dictates we continue to show care, love and respect even when we experience the real-

world consequences of the different decisions of people around being vaccinated.

The traffic light system will allow people to gather in churches under certain conditions;

either in limited numbers if vaccination passes are not required, or in potentially

unrestricted numbers by presenting proof in the form of the official ‘My Vaccine Pass’.

It is expected the traffic light colour on 3rd December will be orange. This means in

gatherings where those vaccinated have shown proof there is no limit on numbers, nor is

there distancing but everyone should still be wearing masks. In open gatherings, the

number of people is limited to 50 with 1m distancing and everyone should be wearing


We are legally obliged to abide by these regulations and our PPCC have also referred to the

Parish Safeguarding Mission Statement which outlines our Parish’s preferential options for

the most vulnerable members of our parish community.

  • The PPCC have arranged the following for weekend Masses: -

  • Saturday 5pm for the vaccinated

  • Saturday 6.15pm Open Mass with a limit of 50 and social distancing.

  • Sunday 9.30am for the vaccinated

  • Masks should be worn at all Masses as part of the Safeguarding measure and people

attending the 5pm and 9.30am Masses will be required to show their My Covid Pass.

  • Weekday Masses in the Lounge will be for those who are vaccinated.

  • As St Joseph’s School children are not able to be vaccinated, we need to keep them

separate from the general public. This means only staff and students from St Joseph’s can

attend Thursday 9.15am Mass.

This schedule may not suit everyone but Fr Wayne has to accommodate everyone as best

as he can. This is a very unusual situation and while your views may differ from another’s

we need to have the utmost patience, trust and respect for and to each other.

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you Fr Wayne.

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