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3. School Notices - Week 7, Term 4 2021


Birthday Greetings to
James Allardice

At assembly last Friday we acknowledged our senior athletic champions and our school sport teams.  The athletic champions were awarded trophies from 8 to 13 yrs in which there was some very close placings in some of the age groups with only a point separating place getters.

Due to Covid, some of our school sports teams could not finish their season and the different sporting codes had no opportunity to present the teams with their end-of-season awards.  We asked the coaches of all our teams for names of players for the 3 categories of 'Most Valuable', 'Most Improved' and 'Fair Play' and these certificates were presented to our students.  

We have not awarded any certificates to the Futsal teams or the Panthers Touch team as they only starting playing in term 4. The 7/8 year and the 11/12 year rugby teams had their prize giving at Excelsior earlier.

Congratulations to the following children who received trophies and certificates.

8 yrs   
1st - Siale T, 2nd = Luke L and Alexander R   
1st - Emily M, 2nd - Dihviyn S, 3rd = Hila'atu L & Sesilia H        
9 yrs  
1st - Liam L, 2nd - Luke B, 3rd - Soa M         
1st - Ellie C, 2nd - Milah Anderson, 3rd - Aria O

10 yrs -  
1st - Tendayi R, 2nd -          
1st - Chelsea K, 2nd - Molly M, 3rd Jayda M

11 yrs 
1st - Daniel W, 2nd - Warren P, 3rd Elias F      
1st - Eva F and 2nd - Francis T

12 yrs   
1st - Jack O & Kenton T, 3rd Zion L    
1st - Ivy-Belle M, 2nd - Rheanna C, 3rd = Emily C & Kacymea T 

13 yrs 
1st - Lachlan K, 2nd Tommy M, 3rd Isaiah C
1st - Mazvita R and 2nd - Dorothy B    

School Sports Teams

Basketball - Mixed Cavaliers

Fair Play - Vilivea T

Most Improved - Dorothy B

Most Valuable -  Kenton T

Miniball - Boys Breakers

Fair Play - Tendayi R

Most Improved - Jac B

Most Valuable - Lincoln M

Miniball Girls Rebels

Fair Play - Manu-Tala’aho A

Most Improved - Sephrin S

Most Valuable - Taera K

Netball - Yr 7/8 Gold

Fair Play - Lilly K

Most Improved - Patricia M

Most Valuable - Ivy-Belle M

Netball - Yr 4/5/6 Rebels

Fair Play - Hila’atu L

Most Improved - Sephrin S

Most Valuable -  Kaycee-Mae G

Netball - Yr 3 Maroon

Fair Play - Manu-Tala’aho A

Most Improved - Manaia D

Most Valuable - Taylor D

Rugby - 5/6 year olds

Fair Play - Arian L

Most Improved - Jayden H

Most Valuable -  Manase O

Rugby - 9/10 year olds

Fair Play - Stirling H

Most Improved - Luke B

Most Valuable -  Blake M

Touch - Yr 7/8 Dynamos

Fair Play - Isaiah C

Most Improved - Mazvita R

Most Valuable -  Kenton T

Touch - Yr 6 boys Pumas

Fair Play - Marconi Hausia

Most Improved - Blake Meek

Most Valuable -  Daniel W and Warren P

Touch - Yr 4/5/6 mixed Ferns

Fair Play - Ellie C

Most Improved - Luke L

Most Valuable -  Siale T

Touch - Yr 4/5/6 mixed Rockets

Fair Play - Liam L

Most Improved - Millie F

Most Valuable -  Fe’ofa’aki T

Touch - Yr 1/2/3 mixed Broncos

Fair Play - Taera K

Most Improved - Jayden H

Most Valuable -  Dihviyn S

Touch - Yr 1/2/3 mixed Tigers

Fair Play - Taylor D

Most Improved - Mark L

Most Valuable -  Hunter  F

Futsal Draw - Monday 6th December
The draw was unavailable at the time the newsletter was typed.  The draw will be emailed out to families when it is available. This will be the final game for the term.

Hungry Horse Cafe
The Hungry Horse Cafe has one last final race meeting on Wednesday 8th December and the Home and School urgently require 2 more people to help out at these sessions at the cafe.  The sessions are from 12.00 to 3.00 pm and 3.00 to 5.30 pm.  Please contact Rebecca Heffernan on 027 432 4056 if you can help.  All offers of help are greatly appreciated.

Junior School Disco - Friday 10th December
We require 6 vaccinated parents to help at the disco.  Please either email or scan your vaccination card to or drop a copy into the office if you have not already done so and let Rebecca Heffernan know if you can help.

For years 1-6, sorry no pre-schoolers
When - Friday 10th December 
Where - Our school hall
Time - 6.00 to 7.00 pm
Theme - Christmas
Cost - $2.00 for entry, a drink, glowstick and a small bag of chips.  Please bring correct change.
Pick up time - please ensure all parents are there by 7.00 pm to collect the children

Library Stocktake
We would like all library books be returned to the box outside the office by Monday 6th December as the library is having their annual stocktake.

Friday 3rd - St Kevin's College Yr 8 Transition Day - no technology this day
                  - Yr 7 & 8 Social and Yr 8 meal
Monday 6th - House Choirs - live-streamed
                     All school library books to be returned
Tuesday 7th - Board of Trustee meeting
                    - Yr 7 & 8 camp
Wednesday 8th - Hungry Horse Cafe - last one
                         - Yr 7 & 8 camp
Thursday 9th - Yr 7 & 8 camp
Friday 10th - Yr 7 & 8 camp
                   - Junior School disco for Yr 1-6

Yr 7 & 8 Social Dance
Our intermediate children are having a disco themed social tomorrow night with the Yr 8 children having a sit down meal prior to the dance.

Yr 7 & 8 Camp
Good luck to our intermediate children who are away at camp next week at Peel Forest. 

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