Thursday, 9 December 2021

3, School Notices - Week 8, Term 4 2021


Birthday greetings for December and January

Roger L, Ellie C, Henry H, Chelsea & Rick K, Maria H, Hila'atu L, Soa M, Anashae M, Blake M, Ivy-Belle & Theo M and Haifa T.

Buses - End of Year
All country bus families have been notified about the bus runs for next week.  All buses including the town bus will only run in the morning of Wednesday 15th December.  Families are to collect their children from school on that day.

Christmas and Holiday Mass Times
Please refer to the Mass time table and Mass expectations on another page in the blog.

Contact Details
If you are moving addresses in the holidays or your contact details change including emergency contacts, please email the office at

Farewell the Following Families
We farewell the following families who leave St Joseph's for high school.  We thank them for their contributions to our school and wish them all the best.  Good luck in all your endeavours.

- Baricuatro, Bartlett, Byrne, Kelcher, Kelynack, Mordeno and Spooner.

We thank all our parents, family and friends who have helped during the year with our class and school activities.  We always appreciate any help you give to the school.

Home and School Thank You

I would sincerely like to thank all the parents past and present who have kindly donated their time over the last few years with helping our Home and School at the Hungry Horse Cafe, Food Fairs, School Socials and Discos, Mud Run, and any other Home and school-related activities and fundraisers. I will miss working with all the wonderful parents at St Joseph's and wish the Home and School all the best for the future. Thank you Rebecca Heffernan, Chairperson of St Joseph's Home and School.

Junior School Disco - Friday 10th December
Parents who are helping at the junior disco tomorrow night, please either email or scan your vaccination card to or drop a copy into the office if you have not already done so.

For years 1-6, sorry no pre-schoolers
When - Friday 10th December 
Where - Our school hall
Time - 6.00 to 7.00 pm
Theme - Christmas
Cost - $2.00 for entry, a drink, glowstick and a small bag of chips.  Please bring the correct change as there will only be a small float.
Pick up time - please ensure all parents are there by 7.00 pm to collect the children

Library Books
Please drop off any school library books which are at home to the box outside the office.

Lost Property
There is a large number of items in the lost property area, please come and check if they belong to your children. All left over items will either be donated to the uniform shop or given away.

Road Patrol
Our road patrollers will be acknowledged at assembly on Wednesday for their duty this year. 

School Stationery
All class stationery lists will be handed out next week with your reports and will be on the website for 2022.  If you purchase your child's stationery from OfficeMax online at: you will be able to purchase at their very low Back to School discount prices which are available until the end of February.
Alternatively you can purchase packs online from or in store at Paper Plus.  If you already have certain parts of the stationery list, contact Paper Plus Oamaru who will organise a custom pack for you.

Both companies enable parents to purchase their children's stationery at lower prices and both companies will make a donation to St Joseph's.

Sport Coaches and Managers
Thank you, thank you, thank you, words cannot describe how much you are appreciated for giving up your time in coaching and managing our sports teams. You are all superb and magnificent people who ensure that our children are able to play a sport. If you have managed a team and your name is not mentioned, please accept our apologies and we thank you very much for your time.

Basketball - Cranos Chikowore
Futsal - Rory McGeown, Andy Bradley, Natasha Lindsay, Jason & Victoria Forrest, Suzy & Nathan Oakes and Justine Rodger.
Miniball - Judith Leo and Adele Whiston
Netball - Paula Brien, Suzy Oakes and Katiana Taiti
Rugby - Scott Bremner, Paul Aston, Victoria Forrest and Samara Allardice
Touch - Lee Woodhouse, Adele Whiston, Liz Koni, Victoria Forrest and Max & Michele Fatafehi and Saluni Palaa.

Swimming Dates
Next year we are looking at combining our senior and junior swimming lessons in term 1.  These dates may change and we will let you know the confirmed dates and times next year.  There will be 6 lessons for each class.

Week 3 - Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th February
Week 4 - Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd February
Week 6  - Friday 4th March - senior swimming sports

Technology Dates for 2022
These classes are held on Fridays at St Kevin's College and will start early in term 1.

Uniform Shop
Adele will kindly open the uniform shop on Friday 28th January from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm and again on Monday 31st January from 8.15 to 9.00 am.

The uniform shop will love donations of any school and PE uniforms that are not required anymore.  These can be dropped off at the office.

Volunteer for the Uniform Shop
Adele is stepping down from the Uniform Shop in early term 1 after 10 years of loyal service. The role involves opening the shop every Thursday for 30-45 minutes and on a Monday of each new term and ensuring the stock is displayed and notifying the office when school stocks are getting low.  If you are interested in volunteering for this role, please contact the office.

Welcome new students
We warmly welcome our last two students for the year to our junior school, Elisa H and Sam F.

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