Thursday, 4 November 2021

5. Futsal


The draw for Monday 8th November is.

3.30 pm - Yr 1/2 St Joseph's Red v Te Pakihi o Maru Incredibles - court 1 - half court A
4.30 pm - Yr 1/2 St Joseph's Blue v Fenwick Kiwis - court 1 - half court A
4.30 pm - Yr 7/8 St Joseph's v OIS Golden Wanderers - SKC gym
5.00 pm - Yr 3/4 St Joseph's v Fenwick Kaka - court 2 - half court b
6.30 pm - Yr 5/6 St Joseph's v Fenwick Pukiko - court 2

Below is a message from Football South/Waitaki who are organising the Futsal competition and there are a few things that have come up from Monday's games.  


Firstly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to all of you, your parents and your kids for the amazing start yesterday! For the first day and considering that we had never run it before it exceeded our expectations. We’ve noticed lots of smiles and everyone having fun…our referees, who have done a course over the last few weeks, will keep offering some coaching, especially for the little ones.


Attached, is the updated floor plan to help parents – because yesterday I have decided to do it differently than what was in the original floor plan and that might’ve confused some parents.

Regarding the draw:

  • There’s always one Year 1-2 early game at 3.30pm 
  • Year 7-8 play all the games at St. Kevin’s
  • Court 1 is the main one with the stands & Court 2 is the smaller one on Waitaki Girls’ side.


To make sure we do it even better next week, I ask your help with the following:

1.  Can all the schools ensure there are one or two adults in charge of each team.  They can enter with the team and be on the side-line managing the substitutions.  Yesterday, I think this went quite well but I felt that a handful of teams didn't have one and had to organise it just before the game.  Thank you to those parents.

2.  For the schools that have more than one team in the same grade, please make sure the kids know which team they belong to and who they should look for when they arrive.


3.  Due to the Covid restrictions, kids (and adults in charge) will be asked to go upstairs and wait until the previous game is finished.  NO KIDS OR PARENTS ARE ALLOWED TO HANG IN THE FOYERS PLEASE.

4.  Any teams playing on Court 2, people will not be able to see when the previous game is finished - in that case, please wait upstairs until 2-3 minutes before the games as this should be enough to evacuate the previous teams.

5.  Teams playing our Court 2, please use the EXIT DOOR in that court to exit the building.

6.  ALL TEAMS, after each game, please do not shake hands and exit the court as quickly as possible to allow the next game to start on time.

7.  Luis will be at the foyer to provide any information or answer any questions - don't hesitate to come and see him if you need to.  A draw will always be on the wall if you need to confirm any times/courts.


I really appreciate your support in sharing this information! We are confident that everyone will naturally get used to the guidelines and it will run even smoother than yesterday.


Finally, I remind everyone that the draw is available on Football Waitaki’s FacebookFacebook. Like the page, if you want to be able to see it every week.


Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone below.


Kind Regards

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