Thursday, 4 November 2021

4. Athletics 2021

 Dear Parents/Caregivers

This year due to Covid regulations, we are unable to hold our combined school athletics with Te Pakihi o Maru (Oamaru North) School and therefore we are holding our own separate athletics here at St Joseph’s.  Our  athletics this year will be split into two sessions with the seniors from Yr 3 to Yr 8 competing on Friday 12th November and the Yr 1 & 2 children demonstrating their skills in a celebration of athletics on Tuesday 16th November.  For the senior children, they will compete in their age groups as from 1st October 2021 and not their year levels.

Parent Helps and Parent Visitors

Please note the most up to date information we have from the Ministry on this is:

From the MOE: "The COVID-19 Required Vaccinations Order covers those who work (paid or unpaid) in the education sector and who will be on site when children or students are present. The Order doesn’t require parents to be vaccinated where they are on site for the purposes of “being a parent” (as it were)."

That means we can have parent spectators for both junior and senior athletics and we still need parent helpers for the senior athletics.  We purposely moved the date of the senior athletics to before the 15th November so that anybody could help regardless of vaccine status.

Parents coming onto the grounds, please sign in using the QR code or sign the register which will be located either in the foyer or outside on a desk on the grass area.

If you are coming as a spectator please wear a mask and keep a social distance.  We will be outside which should be fine for distancing and gatherings of up to 100.  

SENIOR ATHLETICS - Friday 12th November

All children are to be at school by 9.00 am for the roll and preparation for the sports day.  The Long Distance run (approx 580 metres) is our first rotation at 9.30 am for all the children.  This involves the children running once around the block in their age groups and when everyone has finished, they will go to their next rotation.  The Yr 7 & 8 children will accompany the 8 yr old children on their run.  We will have marshalls stationed in high viz vests all round the block.

Each rotation goes for 40 minutes and we should be finished by 2.30 pm. There will be no assembly that day. We are going to run the relays at the end of the junior athletics on Tuesday 16th November starting at 2.30 pm.

Children are to wear their school PE gear including sport shoes and bring the following items:

  • SUN HAT – very important

  • Track pants, school jacket, school polar fleece, warm clothes (if cold) 

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottle - no fizzy or energy drinks

  • Enough food and snacks to last the whole day

Helpers - can we please have some volunteers to help with the senior athletic rotations.  Please let me know if you can help.

North Otago Athletics - Again due to Covid, this event has been cancelled for this year

Postponement - If it is raining, it will be school as usual.  Our postponement day is yet to be confirmed and we will advise you when it has been decided.

JUNIOR HUB 1 ATHLETICS - Tuesday 16th November

The athletics celebration for Junior Hub 1 children will start at 1.35 and go to 2.15 pm and afterwards they will pack up the gear and join the seniors for the whole school relays starting at 2.20 pm. As there are only two classes involved, the children will be split into equal age groups and participate in each rotation for 5 minutes. 

Children are to wear their PE gear to school on this day.

Helpers - can we please have some volunteers to help with the  junior athletic rotations.  Parents who help with the junior athletics will need to be vaccinated and show Lorraine Frances-Rees their vaccination certificate.

Please note the paragraph relating to parents coming on to our grounds for our sports days.

Postponement - If it is raining, it will be school as usual and we will advise you if we have another spare day.

Any questions about these days, please contact me.


Paula Brien

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