Friday, 1 October 2021

5. Futsal Teams - term 4 2021

 Futsal Teams

We are entering 5 Futsal teams in the Monday competition next term.  We have the following teams and require parents to manage these teams otherwise a roster system will be drawn up.
  • Yr 1/2 Red - require a manager for this team
  • Yr 1/2 Blue - require a manager for this team
  • Yr 3/4 - has a manager
  • Yr 5/6 - need 2 more players and a manager for this team
  • Yr 7/8 - need a manager for this team
Teams will be registered today and information will be sent out in the first week of term 4.  Please let Mrs Brien know if you can help out. All games are 12-minute halves and there is no fee to join a team.


Yrs 1-2 Red

(4 v 4)

Yrs 1-2 Blue

(4 v 4)

Yrs 3-4

(4 v 4)

Yr 5-6

(5 v 5)

Yr 7-8

(5 v 5)

Ryan B

Carter F

Eric J

Emere K

Asher M

Jane V

James A

Aachoo D

Manase O

Gavin P

Ian R

Evan S

Ares W

Hunter F

Taera K

Reynaldo M

Emily M

Theo M

Dihviyn S

Jac B

Clarence C

Liam L

Lincoln M

Molly M

need another 2 players

Emily C

Genne R

Tommy M

Jasmine M

Patricia M

Jack O






Coach: needed

Coach:  Suzy/Nathan Oakes

Coach:   Justine Rodger

Coach:   needed

Coach:   needed

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