Friday 1 October 2021

1. Acting Principal News Term 4 Week 10 2021

 Acting Principal News Term 4 Week 10 2021

With Term 3 coming to an end, teachers have worked hard in tailoring learning into the shortened timeframe with Covid interruptions.  Learners have been proud of their achievements and have shared them with you on Seesaw.  This term has been focused on Science and next term leads into schoolwide planting Inquiry. Learners will be finding out about methods to classify native plants and find out their qualities and match planting which plants for optimum growth. In making a difference we will be taking action to improve our school environment by planting natives around our school. 

Science - Hoiho class has been learning about native skinks and is in the midst of constructing objects connected to their inquiry using cardboard and making parts move and or light up by coding robotics. Hoiho in action:-

ShakeOut 2021

St Joseph's school has been given the exciting privilege to host the NZ wide Shake out Earthquake and Tsunami Drill on October 28th at @9.30. This event will be live-streamed across Aotearoa and Emergency Management Otago staff and local officials will be joining us for this important annual drill. We may even feature on the Breakfast Show. 

Multicultural Day November 10 2021

We look forward to celebrating our annual St Joseph school Multicultural day next term and a heads up to parents in joining together to organise performance groups as part of the afternoon's festivities. We will also be asking for parents to support the day by helping with workshops for Māori, Tongan, African, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, and Latin American. Please contact your class teacher or the office if you are interested to volunteer.  More details to follow. 

We look forward to returning next term along with Mrs Frances-Rees back with us, and in the meantime, I  wish you all a safe holiday.

God Bless.

Nicola Winders

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