Thursday, 29 October 2020

1. Principal's News Term 4, Week 3 2020

 That's How It Happened - Senior Production

We have a limited number of tickets, please get tickets from the office.  

Here are some of the rehearsals

Junior School Publishing Party
The junior school had a publishing party on Tuesday morning where parents were invited to come and read the children's published writing and make comments.  Other students and teachers also visited and enjoyed the children's work.  They were very proud of themselves as published writers and the quality of their work was very high.  

Learning in Art and Science

Children are proud to share their work learning about insects.  They have done some science investigations into insects and used the science technique of careful observation to observe and draw insects.  They have also learnt how to give "feedback for improvement."  To do this they have had to be very specific about what needs to improve e.g. "It needs to be longer," or "It is a different angle" and then have the resilience to engage in several drafts and improvements in order to produce the amazing images they are sharing in this slideshow.

We have a welcome mass for new students this year on Saturday 14 November at 5pm mass.
We have a teacher only day and school will be closed on Monday 16 November.

We have had less community gatherings than usual this year and we look forward to seeing our families at our senior production next week.

Aroha and God Bless
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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