Thursday, 18 June 2020

1. Principal's News Week 10 Term 2 2020

Plastic Free Day
Working on one of our school gardens
Our Enviroteam are conducting an analysis of plastics used at school.  This week they did an audit of of plastic rubbish.

Next Tuesday, they are asking that no plastics are brought to school for lunches or other purposes.  They will do another audit and see the difference.  It will also be interesting to know whether families found this inconvenient and what measures you have taken to wrap or organise lunches in a different way.

The Enviroteam are investigating reusable wax sandwich wrappers.

Home and School AGM
All parents welcome to Home and School AGM this evening (Thursday 18) at 7.00 pm in the school staff room.

Wheels Day
This was a lot of fun and we have decided to continue Friday wheels day for the rest of term.  So bring wheels on Friday!

It is great to see our parent and staff sports coaches getting our teams up and running and practising for their seasons.

Science and Social Studies
Our senior syndicate have been using the subject of Covid 19 to explore making meaning in our world and responses and perspectives both locally and globally.  Hoiho have looked into how germs and viruses spread using an Ultraviolet torch and guided by a visiting scientist.

God bless and aroha,
Lorraine Frances-Rees

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