Thursday, 20 September 2018

1 Principal's News Week 9 Term 3 2018

Student Wellbeing
We have recently completed our annual Student Wellbeing Survey.  This is done through the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER).  The survey is normed against other schools across New Zealand.  We are pleased to say that our school came out above the norm in the following areas:

  • At school we celebrate the good things students do.
  • I feel safe at school.
  • Behaviours like hitting or bullying are not OK at school.
  • Our school wants us to get on with students from different cultures or backgrounds
  • Teachers get on well with students from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Teachers ask for our ideas about how students can get on better with each other.
  • Students get on well with other children from different cultures.
  • Teachers always show each other respect.
  • Teachers think all students can do well.
  • Teachers always take action if someone is being hit or bullied
  • Teachers care about how I feel
  • At school I am taught that it's OK to be different from other children.
  • At school I am taught what behaviours are Ok and not OK.
  • At school I am taught what to say or do if other children are being mean or bullying me.
  • My parents family and whanau always feel welcome at school.
  • My parents and teachers respect each other.
  • Outside school, I have a parent or adult who I can go to if I am upset.
  • Students treat teachers with respect.
  • Students look after other children who are new at school.
  • Students are good at listening to each other's ideas and and views.
  • I can stand up for myself in a calm way.
  • If I have a problem with another child I feel I can ask other students for help
  • If other children are mean to me I know how to ignore them or walk away.

Circle of Friends
We have a new Circle of Friends. Children who were interested had to apply for the position and from the suitable applicants, the students in each class voted for four children to represent them. From our wellbeing surveys and follow up conversations we identified one or two areas that would be appropriate for the children to support each other with. This Friday the Circle of Friends will spend the morning with me working out some strategies to help their friends help themselves.

Shared Prayers
Our classes have been trying out different ways of praying and sharing these with another class. Here's some photos:

Multicultural Hui
If you are a migrant family to New Zealand you are warmly welcomed to join us in the staffroom tonight at 6.30pm for a hui. Chinese, Tongan and Filipino families will breakout for discussion in their first languages. We will be talking about helping children with reading and answering any questions you may have. Please bring a plate so we can share kai afterwards.

Singing Cup
Next Friday 28th September, our Singing Cup finalists will be competing for the Singing Cup for their year level. It will start at 9.15 am. Our house choirs will perform at our celebration assembly at 200 pm in the afternoon followed by presentation of the singing cups and we will finish with our staff choir.

Celebration Assembly and Mass

I will be giving out the ICAS Science and Spelling awards at assembly this week. Next week we will be having a liturgy in the school hall at 9.00 am instead of our usual mass while the Basilica is out of action.

God Bless and Aroha
Loraine Frances-Rees

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