Thursday, 1 February 2018

3. School Notices - Week 1, Term 1 2018

Altar Servers
Saturday 3rd February - Mariah Cunningham, Indya Cunningham, Annalise Kilgour and Kristiana Whiston
Sunday 4th February - Molly-May Mestrom, Anika Winders and Henry Robinson

Birthday Greetings
Nye Jones-Hogan, Maddox Lough, Eva Harrex, Michael Woodhouse, Lachlan McKeown and Levi Heffernan

Change of Contact Details
If you have changed your address/ telephone numbers etc in the holidays, please let the office know as a contact list will be sent out in the next couple of weeks to confirm your details.

Drivers Wanted
Our Yr 7 & 8 Early Childhood Buddy and Young Vinnies programme will be starting up again soon.  In order for this to happen we need to have available a pool of drivers who are able to drop off children between 10.30 and 11.00 am and pick them up again on a Thursday.  Some of the venues the children visit require an adult to be with them for their whole visit.  If you are able to offer some time to help, please contact Adrienne Spillane on 021 207 2871 or leave a message at the office and she will contact you with details.

Subway Lunches
There will be no Subway lunches tomorrow and they will resume again next Friday 8th February.  Subway costs $6.00 for a bun or wrap, bag of sliced apple and a cookie.

Please let Mrs Brien know if you child has moved up a swimming level in the holidays.

Cricket and Touch Rugby
At the end of last year, we asked for cricket and touch rugby enrolments for this term. If your child is not on the list and is interested in playing these sports and if you can help out with coaching either Friday night cricket or touch rugby, please let Mrs Brien know at  When you put your name down to play sport for school, you are committed to playing that sport otherwise you are letting everyone else down and that is not what team sports are about.  If you wish to withdraw your child's name or have any questions, please let Mrs Brien know ASAP.  Thank you.

Friday Night Boys Bash and Girls Smash cricket competition starts on Friday 16th February at 4.00 pm at Centennial Park and goes for 45 minutes.  This 5 week competition is for boys in Yrs 3-6 and girls in Yrs 5-8.  This does not cost you anything and you do not have to bring any gear.  Teams are made up of 6 players and if we have more than 6 players, we can get players from another school.  This competition is a fun based format. We are looking for one parent to help with each team and cricket knowledge is not essential as they will tell you what is required. The names we have so far for this competition is:

Blake Meek, Iverson Wylie-Taukolo, Hamish Fowler, Hunter Gough, Elias Herbst, Lewis Gough, Lisiate Hausia, Riley Tuffley and Michael Woodhouse
Milly Campbell, Lilly Kelcher, Willow Bartlett, Chloe Bartley, Mariah Cunningham, Hannah Fowler, Serah Staju, Payton Bartley, Hana Davies, Zara Davies, Annalise Kilgour and Adriana Wylie-Taukolo
(I have included Milly and Lilly as they are Yr 4 girls and we were allowed to bring up a couple. If we get 2 more girls, we can have two teams of girls)

Saturday Cricket
Starts on Saturday 10th February and training is on Wednesday 7th February at 3.30 pm at St Kevin's College cricket nets by Redcastle Road.  Some teams have to be finalised due to players leaving and there could be a couple of changes through the teams.  Teams will be announced next week.  If anyone is wishing to play cricket on Saturday mornings, please let Mrs Brien or Mr Fowler know.  Academy cricket starts at 9.30 am on Saturday 10th February.

Touch Rugby

  • This years touch rugby teams will have at least 9-12 players in each team and will have 3 or more girls as last year there was a shortage of players and most teams were looking for extra players each week which was caused by players not turning up and the teams being thin on the ground.  Also we have to accommodate players in their correct year levels and put them in the right grades. 
  • If there is more people wanting to play touch rugby, some teams will be altered.
  • Touch Rugby starts on Tuesday 20th February (not 13th February as previously mentioned) and is held at Whitestone Centennial Park on Taward Street. The last round is on the 27th March.
  • Touch registrations are made in term 1 and carry out to term 4.  Players stay in the same team for both terms.  Changes within teams can be made if there are children arriving or leaving school during the year but generally it is run as one competition.
  • Grades are Year 1/2/3    -   Year 4/5/6     -   Year 7/8
  • Depending on the number of entries, games will be at 4.00, 4.30 or 5.00 pm
  • The cost for touch rugby is $20 per player for the full year (term 1 and term 4)
  • There are 4 teams who do not have a coach/manager - please put your hand up to help out as it is only 30 minutes each week.  Thank you to the parents who have already offered to help.
  • Preliminary team lists are as follows:

Touch Teams Terms 1 & 4 2018
Tigers Yr 1/2/3

Cameron Aston
Jacob Bartley
Maximo Catalan-Gomez
Eva Fatafehi
Chelsea Koay
Leah Kofoed
Cruz Illingworth
Liam Lindsay
Blake Meek
Alex Perniskie
Ethan Rathgen

Broncos Yr 1/2/3

Millie Campbell
Moana Hafoka
Elise Hedlund
Lucas Kofoed
James Laming
Warren Pardede
Evie Phillips
Aki Tahitu’a
Vilivea Tahitu’a
Daniel Woodhouse
Iverson Wylie-Taukolo

Coach – ?
Coach – ?

Rockets Yr 4/5/6

Willow Bartlett
Hamish Fowler
Lewis Gough
Hunter Gough
Indeg Jones-Hogan
Eva Keno
Paddy Spillane
Kacymea Tahitu’a
Michael Woodhouse
Ferns Yr 4/5/6

Luse Asi
Sam Asi
Chloe Bartley
Lilly Kelcher
William Pardede
Alexie Philiips
Mya Robinson
Kenton Tokai
Riley Tuffley

Coach – Justin Fowler
Coach ?

Dynamos Yr 7/8

Elenoa Asi
Hotili Asi
Taine Dyson
Max Fatafehi
Campbell Fowler
Eleni Hausia
Elias Maher
Samuel Plieger
Tessa Souness
Sebastian Spillane
Anika Winders
Matthew Woodhouse

Turbos Yr 7/8

Bronson Bartlett
Payton Bartley
Seth Bartley
Liam Cameron
Troy Chikowore
Jack Hayman
Nye Jones-Hogan
Jada-Rose Keno
Cody Marshall
Andrew Sinclair
Kristiana Whiston
Morgan Williams
Coach – Lee Woodhouse

Coach –  ?

We have a new website which is in the hands of 'Spark' as we speak.  We will let you know when the website is 'live'.  This week's blog will appear in the website in due course.

We warmly welcome 3 new teachers and 11 new students to our school this week.  Due to the heavy rain today, we have not managed to get any photos taken of the new people so they will appear in next week's blog.

Winter Sports 
A form will be available within the next couple of weeks for you to sign your child up for winter sports.  This year we are wanting all sports to be paid before they play and suggest you set up an automatic payment before the season commences. 

The Steel Club for 8-14 year old girls will be held on Friday 16th February to Friday 13th  April at the Waitaki Rec Centre at either 4.00-5.00 pm or 5.00-6.00 pm.  Every girl is welcome.

Basketball Rep Trials
There are trials for boys and girls in the U15 grade on Monday 19th/Tuesday 20th February at the Waitaki Rec Centre at 3.45 pm as there is a pre-season tournament in early April.
Trials for U13 boys and girls (Yr 7/8) will be held in May/June.

2017 End of Year Prize giving
Congratulations to the following recipients who received trophies at the end of year Mass last year.
Yr 8 Awards
Dux 2017 - Fergus McMullan
General Excellence Boys - Corbin Fraser
General Excellence Girls - Anika Robinson
Conduct & Diligence - Georgia Fox
Citizenship - Ash McFarlane
Special Character - Molly Whittaker
Sports Boys - Lucas Shaw
Sports Girls - Molly Whittaker
Star Application Award - Cushla Bridges
Trudy Johnston Memorial - Ayla Vincent
Filipino Cup - Zeth Rollan
Pasifika Award - Kaliopeta Katoa

Just Like Jesus Awards for Yrs 1-7
Yr 1 - James Laming
Yr 2 - Cameron Aston
Yr 3 - Sandrene Mordeno
Yr 4 - Ivy-Belle Mestrom
Yr 5 - Sione Tuuefiafi
Yr 6 - Summer Moriarty
Yr 7 - Jack Hayman

Community Notices -
Oamaru Swim Club will be running a 'Fast & Furious' race night on Friday 23rd February starting at 5.30 pm.  This night is open to any swimmer/parent interested at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre.  The club will offer correct techniques for competitive swimming.  This will be a great night for your swimmer.

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