Thursday, 15 February 2018

1. Principal's News - Week 3 Term 1 2018

Our Updated Website
Our updated website is finally live.  Check it out.  Feedback is most welcome.  The great thing is we have created it and own it ourselves and we can quickly make adjustments so that it meets your needs and our needs.  The newsblog will always be linked to the front page.  Its at:

Goal Setting 
The teachers and students are hard at work reviewing their achievement and making their next steps.  For our goal-setting meetings your child and their teacher will share their learning goals in maths, reading and writing.  Your child and their teacher will have done some reflection on how they are using the New Zealand curriculum key competencies of managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing, thinking and language, symbols and texts.  People who use these competencies well become successful independent lifelong learners. 

Early next week we will be asking you for some information on your child's interests outside of school, what you think helps them learn well, what gets in the way of their learning and what you think would be something would help them reach their next goal.  This will form the basis of a conversation between yourself, your child and their teacher at goal setting about the things that need to be in place in your child's own attitude and application and what we can put in place around them to support their best outcomes. 

Please making a booking on 28 February or 1 March for a goal setting meeting and please fill in and return the form to us when you get it.  You will be getting it by email and you can reply immediately.  There will also be a hard copy in your child's bag if you would prefer to do it that way.  They will be going home next Monday.

Budget 2018
Our budget outline for 2018 is shared below.  It is a "no frills" budget.  It illustrates how even though education is supposed to be fully funded by the government and free at the point of delivery, we actually cannot run the school without the parent donations.
Yr 7 children at their swim lessons

God Bless and Aroha
Lorraine Frances-Rees

010 Government Grants305249
015 Notional Lease162400
016 MOE Teacher Funded Salaries758940
020 Investment Income1000
030 Trading3000
040 Fundraising9800
050 Activities = Parent donations17376
055 Discretionary Welfare0
060 Library1050
070 Teaching Resources29525
072 Professional Development16600
075 ICT Plan18813.71
080 Equipment Repairs1800
090 Staff Expenses - teacher aides and learning support75265.2
095 MOE Teacher Funded Salaries - teachers758940
100 General1200
110 Communications4000
120 BOT Expenses9520
130 Audit Fee6250
140 Admin Consumables6500
150 Staff Expenses51200
160 Administration11805
170 Caretaking & Cleaning5400
180 Light, Heat & Water16650
190 Grounds3600
200 Repairs & Maintenance11500
205 Notional Lease162400
210 Capital Purchase0
220 Staff Wages - support staff40844.4
230 Fundraising on behalf of0
240 Activities9720.5
300 Depreciation13750
Operating Surplus/(-Deficit)1431.19

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