Thursday, 9 November 2017

3. School Notices - Week 4, Term 4 2017

Board of Trustees News
On behalf of our BOT, we are delighted to welcome Rory McGeown and Rebecca Meek as our two selected Board of Trustee members.  Rebecca and Rory will undertake an introductory training session and will attend our next meeting as full members of our Board.  We are fortunate to have a full and committed board who work to support the Principal and staff to ensure that all students at St Joseph's school receive the best possible education.

Altar Servers
Saturday 11th November - no roster was available for this week
Sunday 12th November - no roster was available for this week

Birthday Greetings to:
James and Luke Bremner, Cushla Bridges, Ruby Wickham, Jonathan Miller and Larnik Vincent

Our senior athletics for children aged 8 to 13 years is on Monday starting at 9.00 am for the whole day.  The children are to come to school dressed in their PE gear, bring long trousers, sunhat, sunscreen and water bottles.  We are still looking for at least 3 more parent helpers for this day so if you can help please let Mrs Brien know.  If it is raining the postponement day is Wednesday.  Senior relays will be on Wednesday afternoon.

Junior Athletics - will be held on Wednesday 15th November starting at 1.00 pm if the senior athletics aren't on.  Lunch this day will be from 12.00 to 1.00 pm for Yrs 1-3 only and parents are welcome to join us for lunch.  Rotations will go for approximately an hour and finish with relays starting about 2.15 ish. Children are to wear their PE gear this day.

Book Fair and Book Character Day
Our biannual book fair was held last week in the hall where numerous books, posters and stationery items were sold.  Our school has $400 to go towards reading resources and new library books.  Thank you to everyone who made purchases and to our volunteers who manned the fair.  To finish off the week we had a Book Character Dress up day on the Friday where there were some amazing book characters come alive.  Thank you to Miss Day and Miss Gray for organising this week.  To view more photos, please click the link.  BOOK CHARACTER DRESS UP

Last Sunday, Oamaru hosted trials for the Otago Touch Rugby teams.  We have 4 successful students who were selected for the following teams:
U12 Mixed Team - Jada-Rose Keno
U12 Boys - Max Fatafehi, Jacob Robinson and Michael Woodhouse

Max was also awarded 'Most Valuable Player' for the U12 boys at this tournament.  Teams from Otago and Canterbury came to play at this tournament.

Multi Cultural Day - Tuesday 14th November
Our 2017 Multicultural day is fast approaching.  We would be delighted if you would come and share this day or part of this day with us.  Children are to come dress in mufti which may be a national costume or could be a costume that reflects their ethnic background in some way.
The programme is as follows:

9.00 am - roll/prayers
9.20 am - rotation 1 begins
10.00 am - rotation 2 begins
10.45 am - fruit and read
10.55 am - break
11.15 am - rotation 3 begins
12.00 pm - shared lunch for all
1.00 pm - concert in hall

Students will return to their classes after the concert finishes.  Our heartfelt thanks to the parents who have prepared the students for the concert, to the parents and members of the parish community who are leading activities, to our Mandarin teacher Regina, the senior students who are leading activities and to the parents who have contributed to the shared meal.

Every family is asked to bring a shared lunch and we rely on each family to contribute to the shared lunch.  Please do not bring any food that contains nuts because we have children with nut allergies.

Monday 13 - senior school athletics
Tuesday 14 - multicultural day - wear mufti and shared supper
Wednesday 15 - senior school athletics postponement date
                         - junior school athletics
Thursday 16 - technology for Yr 7 & 8
Friday 17 - technology for Yr 7 & 8

School Photos
Will be given out to students next week.

Summer Sports
Cricket Draw - Saturday 11th November
Intermediate A - 8.45 am - St Joseph's/Union v Valley Gold - KGP 1
Intermediate B - 9.00 am - St Joseph's v Valley White - KGP 2
Primary - 9.00 am - St Joseph's v Eastern - SKC Artificial 2
Super Star - 9.30 am - St Joseph's Sparks v Valley - Centennial Oval
Super Star Academy - 9.00 am - Centennial Oval

The Super Star Academy is open to all children aged 5 - 8 years and is held on a Saturday morning from 9.30 to 10.15 am at Centennial Oval.  It is a great way for children to learn to hit and bowl a ball and to have fun. It also costs you nothing to join up!!

Cricket Coaching Sessions
This week Sam and Francois from North Otago Cricket came to school and took all the classes through some bowling, batting and fielding games showing cricket in a new light. By the looks of things our school will have some new Black Caps in the coming years ahead!!

Fun Cricket Tournament for Term 1 2018
North Otago Cricket would like the names of children in Yrs 4-7 for girls for the 'Girls Smash' and Yrs 2-5 for boys for the 'Boys Blast' who would like to play in a fun tournament on Friday nights for an hour from 4.00 to 5.00 pm starting on Friday 16th February to Friday 16th March 2018.  Teams will be made up of 6 people in a team and no experience is necessary.  This is a free competition for all players and all games will be played at Centennial Oval.  Please give your names to Mrs Brien if you are interested in playing at or contact the office.

We warmly welcome back to school Patricia and Stephanie Morondoz to our Yr 3 and 4 classes.
Community Notices
  • Christmas Truffles - St Kevin's Home & School is selling truffles at $5.00 per dozen.  If you want to order some please let Mrs Brien know.

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