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3. School Notices - Week 3, Term 4 2017

Altar Servers
Saturday 4th November - Joshua Criddle, Michael Woodhouse, Molly Whittaker and Anika Winders
Sunday 5th November - Molly-May Mestrom, Hana Davies, Morgan Baillie and Kristiana Whiston

Birthday Greetings to:
Paolo Mordeno, John Orillo, Aedrick Perez, Kurt Daunheimer and Zeth Rollan

Our school accounts will be sent out next week and it will have touch rugby and cricket fees on it.

Book Fair and Book Character Dress Up Day
As this week is Book Week, we will be having a Book Character day tomorrow.  Children can come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book.  There will be prizes for the best dressed!!

 Please remember we are selling books and other goodies in the hall and are open before and after school.  The Book Fair finishes tomorrow afternoon.

Food Fair
On Sunday the weather played its part beautifully on our 3rd annual Food Fair.  We enjoyed good crowds and fantastic food which helped make it a success.  The Home and School Committee would like to thank everyone who donated money, donated cakes for the cake wheel, parents who helped set up and everyone who tidied up at the end of the day.  Any suggestions for improvement for next year are welcome.  You can view photos of the day by going to

Fundraiser - Tea Towels
Thank you for supporting our tree planting fundraiser on Cape Wanbrow.  Unfortunately we have not had enough support to make a minimum order for the four designs or to be in time for sprint planting for the whole project.  Hopefully the head students next year might continue the work and there will be more support so the planting can happen in spring.  A refund will be forwarded to you.
Thank you - Head Students 2017

Lost Property
Millie Campbell has lost her named school polar fleece.  Please check your child's clothing to see if they have picked it up by mistake.

Friday 3 November - Book Character Dress Up Day and Book Fair
                                 -  School photos due back today
Monday 6 November - Yr 8 Camp
Tuesday 7 November - Yr 8 Camp
                                   -  Cricket sessions for Yr 3-7
Wednesday 8 November - Yr 8 Camp
                                         - Cricket Sessions for Yr NE to Yr 2
Thursday 9 November - Yr 8 Camp

School Athletics
Yesterday this notice was sent home to all children.  If you can help with the day, please let Mrs Brien know thanks.
St Joseph’s School Athletics for Seniors and Juniors

Senior School - will be holding their Athletics Day on Monday 13th November for the whole day.  (Children who are aged 8 or older on 1st October are involved).  We need to run this event safely and adequately and would really appreciate if we could get about 10 parents to help with the rotations.  If you can help, please email me at

The programme for the day is as follows:

Monday 13th November
9:05             Assemble on courts
9.20             Rotation 1
10:00           Rotation 2
10:40           Break – Drink and Morning tea – then straight to next rotation
11:00           Rotation 3
11:40           Rotation 4
12:20           LUNCH
1:00             Rotation 5
1:40             Rotation 6   
2:20             Staff/parents/Yr 7/Yr 8 relay

A bell will indicate change of events and to move on to the next rotation.  The relays for all children will be done on Wednesday afternoon with the juniors.
Children need to come to school in sports gear and have a warm jersey, longs, sunhat, sunscreen on and a water bottle.   Students that qualify for North Otago Athletics will receive information about this.  If it is raining, our postponement day is Wednesday 15th November.

Junior School Athletics
This will be held on Wednesday 15th November (if the senior athletics do not have a rainout day) starting at 1.15 pm.  Lunch will be from 12.00 to 1.00 pm this day for Yrs 1-3 and parents are welcome to join us for lunch. Rotations will go for approximately an hour and will finish with combined relays with the seniors at about 2.15 – 2.30 pm.  If this day does not go ahead, we will advise another date. 

Children are to wear their PE gear to school and make sure they have a water bottle.

Thank you 
Paula Brien - Sports Coordinator

Summer Sport
Touch Rugby - congratulations to Eva & Jada-Rose Keno and Kristiana Whiston for making the North Otago U12 girls Touch Rugby team.  They are playing in a tournament on Sunday in Oamaru.

Cricket Festival - today our Yr 5 class went out to Centennial Oval to play in a Festival of Cricket against other schools from our area.  Everyone will get to have a bat and a bowl and they will play between 5-6 games.  Thank you to our Mr Fowler, Mrs Tuffley, Ms Harrex, Chloe Fisher-Hill and Ben Carter for transporting and managing the teams today. They enjoyed the the cricket festival and came back to school feeling tired.  Every child received a 'soft' cricket ball for their participation.

Coaching Sessions - next Tuesday and Wednesday, North Otago Cricket are coming to school to take some cricket sessions with our students from Yr 1-7.  Tuesday is for Yr 3-7 and Wednesday for NE - Yr 2. Please wear PE gear on these days.

2018 Cricket - in February there is going to be a Girls Smash and a Boys Blast Friday night competition for our current Yr 4-7 girls and our current Yr 2-5 boys at Centennial Oval.  It will start at 4.00 pm and go for approximately an hour starting Friday February 16th to Friday 16th March.  Teams are made up of 6 players and it is a free competition.  No experience necessary!  If you are interested in playing in this competition in February next year, please let Mrs Brien know as North Otago Cricket require numbers this term to see if it is feasible to go ahead.

Cricket Draw - Saturday 4th November 
Please find junior draw for Saturday. A reminder of new rules that need to be adhered to. Please make sure your coaches know the rules. 

Intermediate A
8.45am start. 18 metre pitch. 9 aside Batsman retires after 30 balls (can come back if rest of team is out) Batsman bat at least 6 balls even if they get out. 5 bonus runs added to bowling teams batting score for every wicket they take in the first six balls faced by each batsman (scorers must count the balls faced by each batsman) .  Batsman laves the field if loses wicket after the 6th ball faced. Bowl 5 over blocks from one end before changing ends. 25 overs maximum.

St Joseph's/Union                  v                  Albion                  SKC 1

Intermediate B
9am start. 18 metre pitch. 9 aside. Batsman retires after 30 balls (can come back if rest of team is out) Batsman bat at least 6 balls even if they get out. 5 bonus runs added to bowling teams batting score for every wicket they take in the first six balls faced by each batsman (scorers must count the balls faced by each batsman). Batsman laves the field if loses wicket after the 6th ball faced. Bowl 5 over blocks from one end before changing ends. 25 overs maximum. 

Albion                                    v                    St Joseph's        Centennial Park Outer Oval

9am start. 16 metre pitch. 8 aside. Batsman bat in pairs for 5 overs. Every wicket they lose bowling team adds 5 runs to the score they get with the bat. Use hitting tee if balls are too wide to hit, batter gets one chance to hit the ball. Must be hit on the off side in front of the crease. All bowlers must bowl at least 2 overs. All overs are bowled from one end. Fielders must be at least 10 m from the wicket. 20 overs maximum. 

St Joseph's                            v                  Albion                    SKC Artificial 1

Super Star
9.30am start. 14m pitch. 8 aside. Batsman bat in pairs for 4 overs. Each player bowls 2 overs. 16 over game. All overs bowled from the one end. Fieldes must be at least 10m from the wicket.

Kurow                                   v                 St Joseph's Sparks  Centennial Park
St Joseph's Volts                  v                 Valley                        Centennial Park

Super Star Academy 

All players to be there in time for a 9.30 am start please.


Community Notices
  • Truffles - St Kevin's College Home & School are making Christmas Truffles as a fundraiser this term.  They cost $5 for a dozen and they will be made on Saturday 25th November.  If you would like to order some, please let Paula Brien know on  (by the way they are very yummy!!)
  • Marcus Akuhata-Brown will reschedule his talk on December 6th at the Kurow Memorial Hall starting at 7.30 pm.

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